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WHY MOTION Day in and day out, with vigorous motivation, determination and desire to pursue excell ence

, MOTION is proving its prowess to enable the students achieve success in some of the toughest entrance exams. Our persistent hard work and innovative ideas make us on e of the most consistently growing team of the country.

FACULTY TEAM WITH BEST STUDENT FEEDBACK Our revamped Faculty team, the best of minds in the country from reputed institutes like IIT’s and NIT’s with excellent academic records and flair in teaching, is voted the best with the best students feedback. The best feature at MOTION is - no difference in the q uality of teaching or faculty among all the students. For us, to nurture the minds of each student is of paramount importance.

SEPARATE CBSE WING MOTION has been a pioneer in Kota in this regards. It is the only leading Coaching Inst itute in Kota to have a separate CBSE Wing and dedicated CBSE Faculty. Understandin g all the possibilities of the proposed Common Engineering Entrance Exam in which an important amount of weightage is given to School Boards Marks, the CBSE wing gives us an edge over others.

MOTION SOLUTION LAB MSL, the most innovative feature, provides the biggest boon to the MOTION students, allowing them to have hands on experience to the solutions of the problems given in our Exercise Sheets. Our laboratory is equipped with independent computers for the student s to find Practical Solutions of the Problem Sheets according to their convenience. This saves time of the students as well as reduces the need for doubt sessions which may be s ometimes very time consumin. For us, to cater to the individual needs of our students is of utmost priority.

REGULAR CLASS ATTENDANCE Regularity is a compulsion at MOTION. Hence we have installed an Electronic Check-i n System at the entrance of each gate, where the students have to daily punch their ID C ard issued by us. If they fail to do so, a report will be automatically send to their parents.


HOME WORK CHECKING Without fail home work is checked. It helps us to keep a tab on each student and help them in their w eak topics. PERIODIC BRIEFING TO PARENTS Our expanded human resource allows the outstation parents also to keep in touch with t heir wards performance. to ensure that the student is following the path enlig htened by the mentors. If require d. . Student Enrolment Number and the Password provided to each student will help their parents monitor the updated performance of their child. This helps the students to sa ve time during revision sessions at their exam time. the parents shall feel free to call our IVRS and enquire regarding the same.In order to save time and increase the efficiency of the students. we provide ample space with every question for its solution in our Problem Sheets.