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VoIP and Ethernet Audio Network Intercom and Paging information and tutorial. Why V...

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why ip
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(internet protocol)


simple to use connect anywhere communicate anytime limitless connections limitless scalability Digital Acoustics® technology

Digital Acoustics®
Security and Defense. IP audio products combined with the convergence of TCP/IPnetworks facilitate cost effective paging and intercom implementations in Security Integration, Education, Homeland


benefits include;

z replacement of central equipment hardware with digital network switching,

z lower installation and implementation costs,

z seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring,

z simple installation and configuration for intercoms and paging

z scalable to 1000's of intercoms and paging stations -- locally, regionally or globally,

z remote control and simple end-point expansion in intercom systems,

z software based zone management in paging systems

z shared network infrastructure interconnects SIP and VoiP endpoints

With over 20 years of communications solution experience, Digital Acoustics’ patent-pending technology provides audio intercoms and paging management in diverse fields such as;

Educational Commercial Parking

Campus Alert, Mass notification, Paging and Security Solutions POS Monitoring, Building Access and Team Communication Revenue management, intercom & IP speaker paging systems


. Rail. Perimeter & Surveillance Monitoring. immune from interference Cost effective recording and audio archiving Unlimited IP Paging Zones. Perimeter. Why V.A. software controlled setup Fiber Network Integration without converters Integrates easily with SIP and VoIP systems No Fixed Hardware dependent Hardware dependent No No No No No Digital "IP" Yes Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Products.digitalacoustics. cities CSOs are. going to use voice over IP—and similar forthcoming technologies—to their benefit " full article http://www.U.Intercom/Paging Capability . Surveillance. Large Voice Air. Ossining NY . Local.. Page 2 of 5 Correctional Homeland Security Municipal/Utility Military Transportation Broadcasting Intercom & paging-. Terminals and Ports Worldwide IFB and transmission facility communication Migration to ""IP" and VoIP Network based audio to support these industries simplifies a wide range of problems associated with traditional and legacy 'analog' systems.S.VoIP and Ethernet Audio Network Intercom and Paging information and tutorial.S.. Simple and command center monitoring Security intercom..S. Naperville IL . in fact.A. regional and nationwide audio links across multiple C&C consoles Monitoring. Digital Analog Large system operation without central 'head end' Intercom connection distances System stations and end-point expansion Communications span buildings. Access and Communication (intercom & paging) Data Gathering.htm 6/29/2013 .U.A.Analog vs. ** companies integrating Digital Acoustics® IP Intercom and Paging technology Learning Online CSO Online ". Resources Companies providing Digital IP Intercoms and Paging Solutions Company Headquarters Digital Acoustics® GridConnect ** Kintronics ** Chicago IL . globally Digital quality voice.

VoIP and Ethernet Audio Network Intercom and Paging information and tutorial. audio monitoring and cueing..(Intercom over IP) Intercom over Internet Protocol topology combines the convenience of intercom PTT and the reach of global network Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) IP Speaker.A widely used EIA/TIA Ethernet cable website Campus Security Systems website Mass notification improves safety website full article IP Ethernet Intercom and Paging Google Search Terms and Glossary ANI: Automatic Number Identification DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol FTP: File Transfer Protocol IP: Internet Protocol IP PABX: IP Private Automatic Branch Exchange IP PBX: IP-based Private Branch Exchange IoIP: Intercoms Over Internet Protocol MGSP: Media Gateway Control Protocol NAT: Network Address Translation PBX: Private Branch eXchange PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network QoS: Quality of Service RAS: website PowerOverEthernet. Client . intercoms can be very effective tools that can yield very powerful results in the ongoing battle to keep public facilities secure" VoipNEWS. Interruptible Feedback (Foldback).htm 6/29/2013 . Why V. CAT5e and CAT6 cables the stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise required for Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) networks.An IEEE standard network protocol that specifies how data is placed on and retrieved from a common transmission medium IEM (in-ear monitor) systems are used in broadcast and motion picture production for crew communication.Any computer connected to a network that requests services (files...11g is similar to 802. CAT5 cables contain 4 twisted pairs of copper wire and support 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet. CAT5 cable runs are limited to a maximum recommended length of 100m (328 feet).A utility that enables a server to dynamically assign IP addresses from a predefined list and limit their time of use so that they can be reassigned Ethernet .11b.IP Speakers and VoIP Speaker systems provide paging over standard Ethernet networks. but this standard provides a throughput of up to 54 Mbps CAT5 (Category 5 Ethernet cable) . Page 3 of 5 Clearly Speaking ". cues. RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol SIP: SIP Session Initiated Protocol SKYPE P2P Encrypted Voice Protocol System SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol VPN: Virtual Private Network 802. and Status protocol. IFB -Interrupted Feedback (Foldback).11b International standard for wireless networking that operates in the 2.4 GHz to 2. May be analog or incorporate voIP.4 GHz frequency range (2.digitalacoustics.4835 GHz) and provides a throughput of up to 11 Mb. Admission. A monitoring scheme often used in television broadcasting where the feed of program audio to an on-air person can be interrupted with directions. print capability) from another member of the network DHCP . or other information. 802.. Usually integrated into the intercom system IoIP .

one LAN can be connected to other LANs over any distance via telephone lines and radio waves. Most LANs are confined to a single building or group of buildings. The virtual connection point through which a computer uses a specific application on a server.htm 6/29/2013 . Port. http://www. IP . Router . ISP . Multicast A media (packet) stream that is copied and sent to multiple authorized SUBSCRIBERS (network addresses).(Voice Intercoms) 2-way voice communication device with Push to Talk (PTT) operation. campus notification.Network Address Translation) A router that allows you to keep a set of IP addresses for internal use and another set for external use. RJ-11 Six-conductor modular jack used with four-wire cabling. Multicast addresses are group addresses. MPG (MPEG) Audio compression format used in audio music players and broadband audio streaming systems (ex: Sony™/Apple™/Barix™/Digigram/EtherSound™) NAT. VoIP delivers digitized audio in packet form and can be used to transmit over intranets. RJ-45 Eight-pin connector used to attach data transmission devices to standard telephone IP address . PLC (Powerline Carrier Communications) Powerline carrier that uses the existing power cabling found in homes and commercial buildings to connect devices. Why V. and fax machines. This number may be fixed/static. Page 4 of 5 easing deployment over vast areas. easing deployment over vast areas. such as a local network and the Internet.711.The unique set of numbers allocated to your computer to identify it on a network.The unique address that a manufacturer assigns to each networking device... mass alert systems and safety.A networking device that connects multiple networks together. or dynamic. MAC (Media Access Control) Address . extranets. Common formats such as CCITT G. IoIP: (Intercom Over Internet Protocol) The use of the Internet Protocol (IP) for transmitting voice communications. Most common phone jack in the world and is used commonly on phones. PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) A method by which audio is converted to digital format. However. modems.digitalacoustics. A system of LANs connected in this way is called a WAN. LAN (Local-Area Network) A computer network that spans a relatively small area. bypassing traditional analog switching and wiring runs. are used for digitized voice at 64 kbps (8bit x 8khz) bandwidth and may be compressed with formats such as uLaw coding.VoIP and Ethernet Audio Network Intercom and Paging information and tutorial. Uses include: Security intercoms and internet intercom applications. Commonly used in 10Base-T connections.(Internet Service Provider) a company that enables you to access the internet Intercom .IP Speakers and VoIP Speaker systems provide paging over standard Ethernet networks.(Internet Protocol) The method by which data is sent from one computer to another using the internet IP Speaker. Speeds range from 60 bps to over 10 Mbps. and the Internet. This increases security by limiting what IP addresses the outside world has access to and allows the same internal IP addresses to be used on different networks. PA/IP (Public Address Over IP) System distributed Paging and Audio over TCP/IP networks.

S. Why V.VoIP and Ethernet Audio Network Intercom and Paging information and tutorial. Glossary and Resources http://www. usually offered by public telephone companies but increasingly available from alternative access providers (sometimes called CAPs).. TCP/IP forms the basis of the Internet. Skype is based on P2P technology incorporated by iTalk2u and other systems. easing deployment over vast areas. TCP/IP (Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol)-Protocols developed by the U. VoIP: (Voice Over Internet Protocol) The use of the Internet Protocol (IP) for transmitting voice communications. Applications in Voice Over IP intercoms and (voIP intercom) technology may include TCP IP Paging. military to allow computers to talk to each other over long distance networks.digitalacoustics.. IP is responsible for moving packets of data between nodes. and the Internet. VoIP delivers digitized audio in packet form and can be used to transmit over intranets. UDP can carry IP and VoIP signaling. PRIVACY STATEMENT SITE MAP TERMS OF USE Copyright © 2012 Digital Acoustics LLC Digital Acoustics Networking and Ethernet LAN audio Internet IP Intercoms and SIP Voice Intercom Technology Information Page. TCP is responsible for verifying delivery from client to server. that link business networks. VoIP Speaker.Session Initiated Protocol is a connection standard used in Telephony Skype a protocol for encrypted pc-pc voice communication. and is built into every common modern operating system.A network device that provides its resources to other devices on a network SIP .VoIP Speakers and IP Speaker systems provide paging over standard Ethernet UDP (User Datagram Protocol) A network protocol for transmitting data that does not require acknowledgement from the recipient of the data that is sent. so data can be shared at full transmission speeds.1. Page 5 of 5 Server . Switch . WAN (Wide-Area Network) Private network facilities. Device that is the central point of connection for computers and other devices in a network. extranets.htm 6/29/2013 .