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Republic of the Philippines Southern Philippines Agri-business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology College of Agricultural

Sciences Matti, Digos City Annual Work Plan and Budget For the year: 2013 College/Unit/Team: Education Department
Key Result Area Area Name R.1 Project/Activity/Re/Train ing Meeting with Educ. Faculty Re-echo seminar workshop on IM preparation with output Quantity 9 Faculty Output Quality 100% attended Location Time Frame Resource Requirements Responsible Unit/Person Dept. Chair with Educ. Faculty Prof. C. Garcia Dr. S. Camposano Arlyn J. Omboy All representativ es Speaker: Dr. C. Rosil Dr. S. Camposano A.J Omboy Prof. C. Garcia College Dean Department Dept. Chair. With selected students Budget


J F M A M J J A S O N D / Attendance


9 Educ. Faculty 4 DAS Faculty

Output presentation -Produced 2 IM



Laptop, LCD, Certificates 2 lunch and 4 snacks

Php 3,900.00

Seminar on TOS Construction

40 Faculty

Upgraded/Updat ed and enhanced knowledge



Laptop, LCD, Certificates, bond paper

Php 5,000.00

R. 1.2 R. 3.1

Increase Enrolment -Faculty Monitoring -Conduct Faculty Evaluation

5% Daily -students -Peer

New students and transferees Well monitored 100% attendance CAS Performance

/ /


Credentials Beadle slip Evaluation

C/o Admin.

Chair.00/studen ts Php 7.1 / / -25 reviewees -72 LET takers -72 takers CAS CAS CAS Php112.K. Clanes Php4. S.1.500/ head R.-Supervisor R. S. Clanes Educ. K. S.3 Field Study Observation 120 100% DCNHS / Porfolio Narrative Report. 5.1 -Conduct comprehensive review for graduating students (major subjects) -Final Review at Accredited Review Centers 72 Graduating Students CAS / Reviewer/Revi ew Materials Php 300. 8 Supervision -on time submission of reports 9 Faculty 9 Faculty 100% will supervised 95% submitted on time CAS / / / TOS.1. DTR’s and other related reports Prof. Bello R.00/ head 72 Graduates Increased passing rate in LET 100% Digos/Dav ao / / / / / Reviewer/Revi ew Materials Review Centers R.1. Chairman VPAA PRC Ms. 5.A Dept.2 Teaching Strategies Utilized Integrated of Gender Development and Climate Change Preparation for LET review conducted (CAS) -Final Coaching -Briefing Conducted for LET takers -LET Exam At least 5-7 Selective Subjects 25 reviewees enhancement Teaching/Learnin g Enhancement Social awareness Knowledge individual 100% expected to pass the mock board exam -100% -80% will attend -Above National Passing 100% well prepared for mock board exam Institution Wide System Wide CAS / / / / / / / / / / / / / instrument Integrated in Syllabus References books Review materials / / / -attendance assigned Dept.500. 5. 3.1 R. Gina Fe Nazareno Ms. documentation Portfolio DTR Dr. J. A. Samples of test questionnaire. Clanes A.500.2 Practice teaching 72 Graduating students DCNHS / / R. 5. Students Funds . 3.K. Omboy Reviewers Dean Dept.0 0 R. Chair All Faculty Subject teacher S.

Soong CAS -Ingredients for Demonstration -Snacks -IEC Materials -Baseline Survey -MOA Ingredients Snacks IEC Materials A.Chairman DR. Number of Training on Food persons trained Preparation and (for training) processing 2. J.200. Faculty A.200.MFO3: Extension Services 1.00 Submitted by: Noted by: Received by: ARLYN J.000.000. Soong 2 area 1-tutorial 1.200.Number of LGU’s/Communiti es Assisted 3. CESAR A.00 Php 1. J.00 Php 15.reading 70 pax/training Puto-Pao Production 9 production cycle 100% attainable Brgy. Nasibog Project Documentation Manager Php 20.00 -Raw Materials A. Omboy 3rd AFE students DAS Faculty with Educ.Number of training/extensio n activities conducted on schedule Production : -Extension Program Project -Tutorial Classes (Math and Reading) 1 70 pax Housewives 100% attended -Enhance skills 100% (identified) 30.00 Php 1. Dept. LIMBAGA College Dean CLARA ACEBES. Omboy for production Dr. Bato DCNHS (Extension Matti) Brgy. Tubod Bansalan Brgy.Reading per semester/year 100% attendance Brgy. OMBOY Educ. AE MPS Planning Officer . J.Math 30. Omboy 3rd AFE students 4th year AFE Php 1.