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20 Years Experience in Telecommunications, 15 Years Experience in Data & Networking 9 Years VoIP 8 Project Management

Herbert “Royce” Lindsey


US Government Confidential Inactive US Government GLI- Secret (No DoD) - NASA Inactive

Proven business visionary with architectural and hands-on experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies., a Voice Architect Engineer who has more than 20 years of diversified voice, data & telecommunications experience, including planning, design, integration and support.

Previous management have used the following words when references were checked: “Dedicated, reliable & hard working engineer who has dedicated his career & free time to this industry, very professional in his work, and adapts to the project, instead of the project adapting to him” A Multi-Vendor Subject Matter Expert with hands on to full on design of all Avaya & Cisco Voice & Data products.

ACSE- Alcatel - Lucent Certified System Expert ACE - Avaya Certified Expert -IP Telephony TSS - Cisco Technical Solutions Specialists, Data Center ACS-Avaya Certified Specialist -Design IP Telephony ACS- Avaya Certified Specialist -Voice Services Management ACA- Avaya Certified Associate -Implement Intuity Audix ACA- Avaya Certified Associate -Implement: Definity ACA- Avaya Certified Associate - Implement: IP Telephony CADCNSS- Cisco Advanced Data Center Networking Support Specialist CSNSSS- Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Support Specialist CSNSDS- Cisco Storage Network Solutions Design Specialist CSA- SCO Certified System Administrator CTP- Convergence Technologies Professional GCP- Genesys Certified Specialist ACE- Avaya Certified Expert -Technical JNCIS- Juniper Certified Internet Specialist CCDA- Cisco Certified Design Associate GCIH- GIAC Certified Incident Handler MCSE- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer CCNP- Cisco Certified Network Professional CCVP- Cisco Certified Voice Professional RHCT- Redhat Certified Technician ICS- IBM Certified Specialist SCA - Sun Certified Administrator

HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -

HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -



EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, BGP, MPLS, Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree, ATM, RTP, SIP, H.323, LWAPP, RADIUS, TACACS+, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ISCSI, FCIP, FCP, FSPF, NDMP 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, RBE, ISDN, SNMP

Supported many vendor types such as Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Sylantro, Comdial, Mitel, Telrad & EDS. Expert in the setup & design of Avaya, Aspect, Mitel & Nortel ACD, Genesys ACD, CTI, CMS, IVR, NICE, IR,Avaya BSR, IP CM, Vectoring EAS, CMS, Conversant, Audix, Unity, CUE, Reach, ToD Routing, FmFm. Certified in the 3 major vendor products.


Avaya Definity G3r (G3i), Avaya Intuity Audix, Avaya Cajun, Avaya S83xx, S84xx, s86xx, s87xx Media Servers, G150, G250, G-350, G-650, G-700 Media Controllers, Avaya AES, Avaya Access Point Devices, Avaya One-X, Avaya SIP Enablement Services (SES), Avaya Octel 250, 350, Avaya Max TNT, Avaya Max 6000, Avaya APX 5300.
CISCO SYSTEMS: Cisco Routers 800, 1800, 2800, 3200, 3800, Cisco Unified Wan Services Platform Routers: 7200, 7300, ASR 1000 6500, 7600 Series, Catalyst 1900-6509 Cisco Voice Series 1700, 1800, 2600, AS 5800, 5400, IAD 2400, MGX Media Gateways, Voice Gateway 200 Series, Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, 3560, 3550 Powered Switch Blades & Devices. Cisco Load Bal, Cisco MDS , F5 Load, Cisco VPN-3000 VPN concentrators, Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliances. ALCATEL-LUCENT:

Alcatel - Lucent 7510 , AL7549 Media Gateways ETSI & ANSI, The Alcatel-Lucent 7330 ISAM fiber-to-the- node (FTTN), Alcatel-Lucent 7302, 7330, Access Manager (ISAM), Actel-Lucent 1353, 1511 xDSL & LineView Platforms. AL1531 Copper, EL & FOLS, AL 1540 Litespan Multiplexers, Lucent 5ESS, Lucent 7re, Lucent AnyMedia , Lucent WaveStar, Lucent PathStar, Lucent APX 550 ATM

Mitel, Aspect, Nortel Connectivity VPN Concentrators, Aironet Access Points and Bridges, Airespace LWAPP concentrators, Ascend dial concentrators, Netscaler Load balancers, SSL accelerators, SSL VPN concentrators. Brocade Silkworm, HP Eva Storage, Juniper BX Series Multi Access Gateways., J Series, M Series, & E-Series, MX Series, T Series, CTP Series.

Project Manager Professional (PMP) with 8-12 years of document creation, push & flow experience. Expert in writing Statement of Work (SOW), Action Item Registers (AIR), Break-Fix & Best Practices Summaries, Request for Proposal (RFP), Transfer to Operations (TTO), Management Update Rosters (MUR), Proficient in Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Power Point. Have a Minor in art & Graphics, so the delivery of these documents in their best format is always a priority.

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HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -


DEC 2005 - SEP 2008 - IBM GCCS - SR. VOICE ARCHITECT ENGINEER - AVAYA & CISCO SME TIER III Consulted with the customer to recommend equipment upgrades and network topology and configuration changes based on network performance and needs of users for fortune 25 corporation worldwide call center, consulted in the planning, designing, integration & testing phases of this 2,500 agent which was geographically spread around the world in 12 call-centers. Also was asks to design, integrate and test another IBM fortune 25 worldwide customers Avaya to Cisco integration. Utilized project management skills & training to lead aspects & portions of the integrations. Including but not limited to S.O.W., Integration Test Plans, Transfer to Operations (TTO), etc. Hands on with configurations of Avaya CM 3.x, Nice, Avaya AIM, Network Region setup, design, QOS schemes, etc. Other projects followed which would include more hands on design and integration utilizing certified skill sets which included : •Designed, Installed and configured all aspects of Cisco Unified Communications * Call-Manager 3.X, 4.X, 5.X * CME 3.X, 4.X, CUOM 2.0, Unity 4.0 * Consulting, Valued Added Reseller, Large Enterprise, Startup, Banking, Service Provider, Software Development, Manufacturing, Military * Worked close with IBM Partners inside Avaya to deploy a full working Avaya Integrated Management (AIM) service package (Version 3.3) which had never been successfully deployed in an enterprise setting. * Documented a full set of “Best Practices & Procedures” for NOC & Steady State Maintenance. * Led team of Voice & Data Engineers in a full 23 location voice & data design, install, integration & acceptance testing utilizing internal NOC for steady state services & monitoring. * Designed & Configured Network Regions, Vectors, IVR, Dial Plans, Station Setup, Monitoring to include gateway configurations, router configurations, gatekeepers, analog CPE setup, designs & firmware schedules. * Created Analytics gathering points from carefully placed jitter probes, telco collection centers, & SNMP MIBS. * Filled Lead Architect & Deployment Roles which included the Project Management of a fortune 150 publicly traded corporation using Genesys IVR, Genesys Call-Center, Lucent Call-Control, call center. Design spanned 14 countries & consisted of more than 2,700 total agents. * Designed brand new monitoring platform into the IBM Canada NOC. Utilized various skills & hands on experiences with Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems, Cisco Network Based Application Recognition, Snort IDS, Netscreen Firewall Manager & What Up running inside of Cisco Works. * Designed and implemented Route Patterns, Partitions, and Calling Search Spaces in a Complex LAN/WAN enviroment with over 100 individual sites * Created ICT’s, SIP, MGCP, H323 controlled trunks linking CCM Clusters using T1/E1 CAS and PRI * Implemented a load balancing solution within Unified Communications to distribute the volume of calls across multiple server in each cluster * Installed and configured Cisco Voice Enabled Routers and Switches * Created and managed VLAN’s to separate Voice and Data traffic on the LAN * Installed and configured Cisco Gateways/Gatekeepers using both MGCP and H323 * Managed a Cisco Gatekeeper cluster to allow for a centrally controlled dial plan throughout a WAN environment *Designed and tested dial patterns throughout Iraqi Theater of Operations both SIPR and NIPR •Taught at team “Lunch & Learn” meetings Voice Over IP for Cisco & Avaya Solutions & The CCNA Academy.

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HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -


SEP 2004 - NOV 2005- FEMA / HOMELAND SECURITY - LEAD VOICE & DATA ENGINEER Asks to consult with various emergency management centers throughout the United States then work on the design, planning, lab certification, field testing & presentation to U.S. Department of Homeland Security on a disaster recovery plan, which would allow each E-911 center to have two fail-over centers as back-up. Would lead a 6 person discovery & design team to design a voice & data solution for emergency services which included local E-911 PSAP disaster recovery methods for standards documentation. Led this team of four Avaya & Cisco Engineers as well as two Avaya Design Engineers in this R&D effort. Was asks to define current network and application integration architecture , Leverage networking technology to increase security and availability, and design, test & recommend a full triple redundant E-911 system to The United States Department of Homeland Security Technology board. •Led team of engineers responsible for all site surveys, mapping & discovery. •Designed and Implemented ID Analytics Phase2 datacenter solution within first four months, •Designed and Implemented Contents Switching and SSL offloading solution, enabled non-disruptive scaling of core products already in place. •Integrated ID & Security Analytics Procedures for access to Voice & Data Centers. •Designed, tested & demonstrated an integrated centralized Fiber Channel and ISCSI SAN solution, increasing a “Red Zone” secure center application center. Resulted in an actual increase in speed and decreasing production database refresh times from 4 weeks to 1 week. •Led 4 Avaya & Cisco Engineers in the design of a Triple Redundant E-911 PBX with a full continuity plan of action scripting process matrix. •Lab tested new PSAP solution in Bell Labs working with Scientist & Engineers from around the globe. •Created Hardware & Software E-911 Interconnection from CM 3.x to Various E-911 Software Packages utilizing the Avaya Enablement Server (AES). •Certified Hardware & Software Solution with Avaya Labs & Certified. •Deployed first VoIP Fully Functional, Triple Redundant E-911 Solution in four (4) cities across the U.S. •Created lights out database & functional imaging solution for remote FEMA Emergency Management Centers. •Deployed and integrated monitoring solutions utilizing open source & new technologies. •Created centralized & remote emulation probes for real time voice & data monitoring using Cisco PIX Firewals, Routers & Gateways and Avaya Integrated Management Solution (AIM) as a monitoring platform. •Worked with development and Analytics to create structured Development and QA environments •Created all the technical manuals, installtion guides & procedures. This library is currently being utilized across the U.S. & Canada to provide structured preventive maintenance and steady state support to all 130 FEMA Operations Centers.

•Avaya Early Testing of IG550 Gateways. •Avaya G700, G650, G350, G250 Media Gateways.Avaya S81xx, S83xx, S84xx, S86xx & S87xx Media Servers.Avaya Communication Manager 3.x, •Avaya ASA -Avaya Advanced Speech Access for Unified Communication Center. •Avaya AES - Avaya Enablement Server 2.x for PSAP •Avaya Cajun C360. Switches. •Cisco 36xx Routers.

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HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -


OCT 2003 - SEP 2004- CINCINNATI BELL SOLUTIONS - CISCO VOICE SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (SME) Contract position (1 Year or Less) to act as the Single Point of Contact and the Voice Escalation Subject Matter Expert for both Cisco & Avaya platforms in a team of 57 voice & data architects, field technicians, installers & project managers. Contract was in support of General Electric Aircraft Plants (3) in the U.S. Customer was moving from Avaya Avaya Definity G3 Multi-Site Solution to a Centralized Cisco CallManager 3.x Solution.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS ■ Worked close with Project Management Teams on both contract & customer sides to create ownership & assign-

ment matrix scheme.
■ Reviewed & critiqued statement of world (SOW), Cost Analysis Plan (CAP), and all method of procedures in plan-

ning stages of the deployment.
■ Worked with both Avaya & Cisco in the creation of a intermediate device which allowed Cisco CM 3.3 (4) to util-

ize Octel Voicemail System seamlessly including the Message Waiting Indicators (MIW) on Cisco 79xx Phones. ■ Designed, Integrated & Certified entire Cisco CM Solution for brand new GE Learning Centre in Cincinnati OH.
■ Create & wrote entire GE Voice Monitoring Manuals for the GE Internal NOC & Steady State Support of new

Voice Solution.
■ Utilized Project Management training and experience as the lead in the final phases of certification testing of the

entire voice over IP solutions we designed and implemented. ■ Took entire Avaya Definity Dial Plans and created loadable scripted Translations Package for Zero Downtime Integration within the entire spectrum of services. ■ Performed additional costs analysis for future builds (within 2 or more years) for budget planning.
■ Created & Performed Acceptance Tests Plans with Customer PM’s ■ Delivered site Transfer to Operations (TTO) manuals for utilizing “Lessons Learned” & Break-Fix Procedures. ■ Was asks to write a permanent procedural document from Cisco Systems on the integration of CM with OCTEL. ■ Was invited and asks to become a Cincinnati Bell Full Time Employee, but had already committed to the Homeland

Security Job.

HANDS ON & LIST OF UTILIZED TRAINING & SKILLS SETS •Cisco CM 3.x •Cisco AS5350 •Cisco Catalyst 85xx •Cisco AS53xx. Cisco 36xx •Cisco 7750 SSP, MSRP, SAP •Cisco Works, Tacaccs, Radius Authentication •NICE •Cisco Video over IP for ISDN Conferences. •Avaya Definity G3r Avaya OCTEL 350 •Cisco Pix Firewalls •Cisco / Polycom Video Conferencing

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HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -


SEP 1999 - SEP 2004- LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES - CERTIFICATION FIELD SERVICES ENGINEER- NKC Moved over with Ascend Communication after Lucent Technologies purchased the company. Was assigned to Network Knowledge Center in Denver, CO and Highlands Ranch, CO. Would become one of the fastest in organization to climb to a A-5 Level Manager. Was assigned to high profile projects which required around the clock support and personnel. Would achieve all tasks on time or before. Demonstrated eagerness to succeed in the industry of Telecom, thus giving management reason to promote and assign such projects as The 2002 Winter Olympics Network Operations Center Design and Integration in Salt Lake City UT, September 11, 2001 Disaster recovery efforts in New York City as Lead Transport & Trouble engineer of all transport (Analog & Digital), and The Time Werner Fiber Rings in Houston Texas certification where goals were to deploy and test BLSR ring with NKC Notify Sensors & Probes. Atteneded Lucent 5ess school, Lucent Softswitch School, Titan 5500 Programming, PathStar Training, Project Management Bootcamps, Lucent DACS programming, as well as Cisco Basic Courses to obtain my first Cisco Certifications.

• Worked as an transport certification specialist which traveled to new sites all over North America and Europe to certify newly installed transport into the NKC. • Turned up and tested individual trunks which fed Lucent 5ESS or Nortel DMS switching Facilities. • Worked closely with Project Managers in the certification test plan phases of various project. • Received a total of three promotions inside the Network Knowledge Center. • Managed 17 Connectivity Specialist in a newly formed group to deploy Cisco Solutions to monitor various elements into the NKC. • Helped design the remote NOC and Call-Center for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. • Was asks to work with Bell Labs in the first phases of VoIP . Code Named PathStar inside of Lucent and later named that in the final product. • Worked with management in the buyout and transition of SOFT SWITCH into Lucent Technologies. • Worked in New York City 1 day after 9-11 to restore critical Verizon Business NYSE communications links.

•Lucent Anymedia •Lucent APX 8000, Max 8000 •Lucent APX 5300, CX 5400 •Lucent 5ess •Lucent G400 •Lucent DACS •Cisco Cerrant 14454 •Cisco Routers, Switches & Firewalls. •Motorola Routers •Various NOKIA, FIJITSU & LUCENT DSLAM’s •Lucent Wavestar •Project Management Skills & Training •TL-1 Commands, DS-1, DS-3, OC-48, OC-192, etc.


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HERBERT ROYCE LINDSEY - (256) 829-2502 - -


• Ongoing Professional Education - Currently Finishing Studies to obtain CCIE credential. Completed an estimated 350 Study Hours to date. Goal is 450 with 25% in Lab • CCIE Certification Track, Written Completed April 8, 2009- Lab Set for December 2009 • SANS CISSP + Track - Side Study & Goal as of 2008, expected early 2010 • Athens State University - BS Business with Minor in Design Graduated in 1993 with 3.23 GPA with Honors. • Cisco Networking Academy - Classes from Cisco as well as taught this very class to co-workers • Cisco AVVID Academy - Voice Classes which covered only their AVVID products. • Avaya University - 3.5 Years to obtain top credential.. ACE • Calhoun Community College - Associates in Business Mgmt.

Available for Immediate Download at Click on the “References Button” for Adobe PDF version of document containing 5 personal & professional references with email, telephone & type of reference included.

Married high school girlfriend. Dated since 9th grade. - Now married 24 years. We had our children young starting a year to the day we got married with our first child Christopher Brian Now 24 and a SGT. in the US ARMY. Deployed in IRAQ on second tour of duty. 15 Months Later we would have a daughter - Christina, now 23 & Married. We would have one more, but wait 4.5 years with our baby girl Nicole (now 18) - Is attending early classes at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). MOST PROUD OF: 1988 NASA Silver Snoopy Award: Received The N.A.S.A. Silver Snoopy Award for writing a recommendation to NASA on how to save up to $550,000 a year in Preventive Maintenance by utilizing a Bar Code Work Order System. 2001 White House Communications Agency Award: Received the White House Communications Certificate for my role in the September 11, 2001 Restoration of Emergency Communications in the Financial District of New York. 2007 Avaya University: Finished the third Avaya Certified Specialist Exam with a score of 89 (highest score in class) to receive my long awaited AVAYA CERTIFIED EXPERT (ACE) Certificate. 2008 Cisco CCVP Achievement: Passed the required main exam with a 2 point over minimum score to become the 82nd CCVP in the world.

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