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ORDERING CISCO CALLMANAGER EXPRESS (CME) 3.3 CME is a feature in Cisco IOS software operating on specific routers. Each router operating CME requires a feature license when deployed in a production environment. CME is only available to authorized partners holding one of the following certifications: IP Communications Express Specialization, IP Communications Specialization, or IP Tel Revised. For further details, please refer to: http://www.cisco.com/go/specialization For configuration and current pricing, use the Dynamic Configuration Tool on the Cisco Connection Online (CCO) web site. Information is available here: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/ordering/or13/order_customer_help_high_level_listing.html Checklist of Components Required for a Complete Cisco CallManager Express IP Telephony Solution
CME Supported Router running supported version of IOS CME Feature License for the number of phones to be deployed Voice Modules for connectivity to the PSTN or host PBX DSP Resources for PSTN to IP connectivity Optional Cisco Unity Express voice mail module IP Phones and CME phone user license Data Switching using in the router switching with HWIC or Network Module (NM) module or Cisco Catalyst SmartNet and SAS-U Maintenance Contract

Customers are encouraged to order a CME Bundle for ease of ordering and discount advantages, see section 1 below. If a bundle is not used, components can be ordered separately, see section 2 below.

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PVDM2-64. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2801 V3PN bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services. FL-CCME (72/96* users). AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS. Page 2 of 8 . 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2811 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services. PVDM2-64. PVDM2-64. FL-CCME (24 users). 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 3825 V3PN Bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services. memory.3(11)T release © 2005 Cisco Systems. CME Integrated Services Router (ISR) Bundles Product Family 3800 Bundle CISCO3845-V3PN/K9 Description Cisco 3845 V3PN Bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2821 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2801 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. PVDM2-32. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 3845 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2811 V3PN Bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services Image. PVDM2-16. PVDM2-16. FL-CCME (48 users). FL-CCME (96 users). FL-CCME (168 users).FLCCME (24 users). 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2851 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services.1. AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 3825 Voice Bundle with IOS SP Services. PVDM2-8. Important notices. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2821 V3PN Bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services Image. Inc. AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS. FL-CCME (36 users). PVDM2-8. and DSP resources to support IP telephony for 24-240 phones. can be found on cisco. FL-CCME (168 users). 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Technology Voice and Security CISCO3825-V3PN/K9 2800 CISCO2851-V3PN/K9 CISCO2821-V3PN/K9 CISCO2811-V3PN/K9 CISCO2801-V3PN/K9 Voice 3800 CISCO3845-CCME/K9 CISCO3825-CCME/K9 2800 CISCO2851-CCME/K9 CISCO2821-CCME/K9 CISCO2811-CCME/K9 CISCO2801-CCME/K9 * Available with IOS Version 12. AIM-VPN/HPII-PLUS. All rights reserved. PVDM2-32. 64 MB Flash/256 MB DRAM Cisco 2851 V3PN Bundle with IOS Advanced IP Services Image. PVDM2-48. Ordering a CME Router Bundle A select number of CME Router Bundles are available preconfigured with a CME Feature License. PVDM2-64. FL-CCME (48 users). AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS.com. AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS. Inc. FL-CCME (36 users). PVDM2-48. FL-CCME (240 users). IOS Feature Set. privacy statements. Table 1. FL-CCME (240 users).

Inc.3 is currently supported with IOS Release 12. 2691. Page 3 of 8 . 2600. 3700 Router Bundles Product Family 3700 Bundle CISCO3745-V-CCME Description Technology Voice • DSPs: AIM-ATM-VOICE-30—DSPs for up to 30 voice calls • Memory: 64/128MB.4 mainline (recommended) and requires IOS feature set IP Voice or higher.3 (14)T or 12. New hardware can be ordered using spares. 1760-V. 2600XM. All rights reserved. privacy statements. Important notices. Supported routers include: IAD243X. as it is advised most customers deploy using the recommended version. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-SMALL (up to 24 users) • IOS SP Services 1700 CISCO1760-V-CCME CME and V3PN router bundles may not include the latest IOS release. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-120 (up to 120 users) • IOS SP Services • DSPs: NM-HD-2V—DSPs for up to 8 voice calls • Memory: 64/128MB. (a) Ordering a Non Bundled Router with Cisco IOS Software Order a CME supported router with the correct Cisco IOS Software image. CME 3. Inc. 3700. 1760. customers can purchase the bundle then update to the later IOS release after receipt of the hardware.Table 2. CME 1700. can be found on cisco. 2. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-MEDIUM (up to 48 users)—Upgradeable to 96 users • IOS SP Services 2600XM CISCO2651XM-V-CCME • DSPs: AIM-ATM-VOICE-30—DSPs for up to 30 voice calls • Memory: 32/128MB. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. Refer to the Cisco Feature Navigator for past and current version information on the correct Cisco IOS Software image with support for Cisco CallManager Express. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-MEDIUM (up to 48 users) • IOS SP Services • DSPs: PVDM-256K-4—DSPs for up to 4 voice calls • Memory: 32/128MB. and 3800 series access routers. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-MEDIUM (up to 48 users)—Upgradeable to 96 users CISCO3745-V-CCME-A CISCO3725-V-CCME • IOS SP Services CISCO3725-V-CCME-A • DSPs: NM-HD-2V—DSPs for up to 8 voice calls • Memory: 64/128MB. If your customer requires new hardware or software features available with a later release. and 2800.com. Flash/DRAM • License: FL-CCME-120 (up to 120 users) • IOS SP Services • DSPs: AIM-ATM-VOICE-30—DSPs for up to 30 voice calls • Memory: 64/128MB. © 2005 Cisco Systems.

2691. 1760. If ordering separately or to add CME feature to an existing router. . 2651XM*. and 3700 and 3800 Series FL-CCME-MEDIUM(=) • Supports up to 48 phones • Supported on:. 2851.cisco. Cisco CallManager Express Feature License FL-CCME-SMALL(=) • Supports up to 24 phones • Supported on: IAD 243X. For proof of purchase customers should retain Feature License Letter plus copy of Invoice.com. Feature Licenses can be combined to reach a specific phone requirement. and 3700. Inc. 3800 Series FL-CCME-72 (=) • Supports up to 72 phones • Supported on:. 2691.3 Specifications. 2851. please refer to: http://www. (b) Ordering CME Feature Licenses A CME feature license is included when purchasing a CME bundle. 1751-V. 2691. select the appropriate CME feature license from Table 3 below. and 3700. 2800. All rights reserved. 2811. Table 3. or to add additional phone feature license. 3800 Series FL-CCME-96 (=) • Supports up to 96 phones • Supported on: 2851.html 2. 3825. Page 4 of 8 . If using the Dynamic Configuration tool choose the correct license under “Feature License for IP Telephony” menu. and 3700.com/en/US/products/sw/voicesw/ps4625/prod_system_requirements_hardware09186a0080468f02. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. Inc. 2821. US Pricing for Cisco CME Feature Licenses Table 3 gives the details of the licenses and pricing. 3800 Series FL-CCME-36(=) • Supports up to 36 phones • Supported on: 2600XM*. and 2600XM*. Important notices.For further CME 3. and 3845 © 2005 Cisco Systems. privacy statements. 3700. can be found on cisco. 2851. 2691. 2821. 3800 Series FL-CCME-120(=) • Supports up to 120 phones • Supported on: 3700 and 3800 Series FL-CCME-144(=) • Supports up to 144 phones • Supported on: 3700 and 3800 Series FL-CCME-168(=) • Supports up to 168 phones • Supported on: 3745.

All rights reserved.shtml Cisco Unity voice mail or Unified Messaging is supported with CME.com/en/US/partner/products/hw/modules/ps3115/prod_module_series_home.com. Table 4. 6.com/en/US/partner/products/sw/voicesw/ps5520/products_qanda_item09186a00801c63a2. A large number of phones. Order IP Phones and Cisco CallManager Express user licenses When ordering IP phones for CME.com/en/US/products/sw/voicesw/ps4625/products_feature_guide09186a0080189132. PSTN modules and complex configurations may require more memory then recommended. Details are available in the Cisco Unity Express ordering guide available here: http://www. Adding PSTN Modules Add analog or PSTN modules to meet customer requirements for voice connectivity. can be found on cisco. The Dynamic Configuration Tool will not accept an CME order with insufficient Flash or DRAM memory selected. Important notices. Memory requirements are based on common configurations only. Inc. Inc.FL-CCME-192(=) • Supports up to 192 phones • Supported on: 3745 and 3845 FL-CCME-240(=) • Supports up to 240 phones • Supported on: 3845 * The Cisco 261x-XM and 262x-XM routers support a maximum of 36 phones each. Direct Purchase Cisco IP Phone and CME Phone License Direct CME Phone License SW-CCME-UL-7971(=) 7971 CCME user license CP-7970G SW-CCME-UL-7970(=) 7970 CCME user license CP-7960G SW-CCME-UL-7960(=) 7960 CCME user license CP7940G SW-CCME-UL-7940(=) 7940 CCME user license Cisco IP Phone Model CP-7971G-GE © 2005 Cisco Systems. Follow Cisco Unity ordering guidelines available on CCO. Adding Cisco Unity Express Voice Mail If Voice Mail and/or auto-attendant is desired.cisco. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. Verify Memory Requirements Ensure that you have met the minimum Flash and DRAM memory requirements recommended to support Cisco CME. add Cisco Unity Express by selecting part number NM-CUE or AIM-CUE plus the required software package(s). These licenses are available in the Dynamic Configuration Tool using the IP Phone part number. Additional memory is recommended to support future releases of this product. privacy statements. For recommended memory requirements go to the CME specifications sheet for the version being deployed 1isted here: http://www. Details on the different modules please refer to: http://www.cisco. 3.cisco.html 5. Page 5 of 8 . you must purchase the phone and appropriate CME Phone User License.html 4.

© 2005 Cisco Systems. Cisco now sells a Smartnet or SP Base plus SAS-U Technical Support Services Bundle (TSS) for a CME or V3PN 2800 and 3800 Integrated Services Router. can be found on cisco. Table 5. These new Tech Support Services bundles are the default when using the Dynamic Configuration Tool or can be ordered separately and include a 20% discount vs buying the two service contracts separately. Distribution Purchase CCME Phones and License Bundles Cisco IP Phone Model CP-7971G-GE-CH1 CP-7970G-CH2 CP-7960G-CCME CP7940G-CCME CP-7920-CH1-K9 CP-7912G-CCME CP-7905G-CCME CP-7902G-CCME CP-7936-CH1 7. All rights reserved. SmartNet for hardware including Cisco Routers and IOS Software. Technical Support Services Cisco offers two types of maintenance contracts for Customers.Cisco IP Phone Model CP-7920-BUN-ST-K9 Direct CME Phone License SW-CCME-UL-7920 (=) 7920 CCME user license CP-7912G SW-CCME-UL-7912(=) 7912 CCME user license CP-7905G SW-CCME-UL-7905(=) 7905 CCME user license CP-7910G+SW SW-CCME-UL-7910(=) 7910 CCME user license CP-7902G SW-CCME-UL-7902(=) 7902 CCME user license CP-7936 SW-CCME-UL-7936(=) 7936 CCME user license N/A SW-CCME-UL-ANA(=) Single SCCP analog CCME user license N/A SW-CCME-UL-3PTYM User License 3rd party Multi Line Phone Customers ordering though distribution should use these bundle part numbers which include the Cisco IP Phone and user license.com. Starting in Jan 2005. and Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SAS-U) for applications like CME and Cisco Unity Express. Inc. Inc. Important notices. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. Page 6 of 8 . privacy statements.

com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/voice/its/index. If not purchasing a CME enabled Integrated Services Router. To download additional applications such as TCL-based B-ACD. Important notices.cisco.htm If you have questions about the ordering process. For example a customer currently using a Cisco 2621XM with FL-CCME-SMALL license for 24 phones can apply this same license on a new Cisco 2851.shtml (CCO Login Required) The CME Feature License includes a provision to use the feature license for Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) mode without an additional charge or re-licensing to Cisco.450) support in one feature license. CCME Service Pricing SASU Part Number CON-SAU-CCME-SM CON-SAU-CCME-MED Product Part Number FL-CCME-SMALL(=) FL-CCME-MEDIUM(=) 8. if the customer wants to support more then 24 phones. contact access-ccme-cue@cisco. As the Cisco 2851 supports 96 phones. Customers can migrate a CME or SRST Feature License from one router to another for the same number of phones licensed.shtml Ordering CME SAS-U support separately. you can choose one of these SAS-U support contracts.cisco. CME system files such as music on hold. (Note previous available SAS-U part numbers for larger CME Feature Licenses are no longer available) Applicable SAS-U part numbers are listed below.com © 2005 Cisco Systems. IPtoIP Gateway and Tandem Gateway (H. These features are not supported on the CME enabled router. privacy statements. then additional SRST feature licenses (FL-SRST-XXXX=) must be purchased to support the maximum per platform type. Inc. Applications and Migration to SRST When ordering a CME feature license with a router.450 in front of Cisco CallManager need to do so on a dedicated router. Table 6. which offers Gatekeeper. Please note the SAS-U part numbers are not currently available in the Dynamic Configuration Tool. and trademarks of Cisco Systems. Customers should order proper sized router and Integrated Voice and Video Services Feature License. For Cisco CME Configuration Documentation. Automated Attendant and TAPI “Lite” TSP files please refer to Cisco Connection Online: http://www.To look up TSS Bundle pricing and availability please use the Service Contract Center pricing tool which is available from this main pricing menu: http://www. All rights reserved.com.com/en/US/partner/ordering/index. GUI. can be found on cisco. they need to purchase an additional FL-CCME-xxxx to make up the different between the 24 phones license and the number desired. please refer to: http://www. Customers who want to use Gatekeeper functionality or Tandem Gateway for support of H.cisco. Inc. Customers only need to re-configure the router for SRST mode. Page 7 of 8 . and phone firmware are pre-loaded on the router during the manufacturing process. If additional phones to be supported with SRST are required beyond the current Cisco CME license. you can use the Multiline Configuration tool or add the part numbers in Table 5 to the order.com/kobayashi/sw-center/sw-voice.