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Linksys Solutions

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SMBAM v2.0—6-1

you will apply the Cisco Smart Business Communication System for SMBs to meet customer needs. surveillance. This ability includes being able to meet these objectives:  Define Linksys routing. and solutions and how best they can meet customer needs © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. SMBAM v2.Module Objectives Upon completing this module. Inc. and security solutions and how best they can meet customer needs  Define Linksys network storage. switching.0—6-2 .

0—6-3 . Switching. SMBAM v2.Routing. All rights reserved. Inc. and Security Linksys Solutions © 2008 Cisco Systems.

All rights reserved. SMBAM v2.0—6-4 . Inc.Lesson Objectives Upon completing this lesson. you will be able to:  Describe the benefits of the Linksys Connected Office  Describe product families in the Linksys solutions that support routing. switching. and security for SMB customers © 2008 Cisco Systems.

All rights reserved.Linksys Connected Office © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.0—6-5 . SMBAM v2.

security. All rights reserved.Our Market SoHo (1-4 Users) Consumer/SoHo: • Premium consumer product • Sparse business features: – VPN – Remote management – PoE • Basic & advanced support options SMB (5-99 Users) SoHo/Connected Office: • Value priced • Standards based: – QoS – Security – Device management • Basic support options • Fixed configuration • • • • SME (100-250 Users) SMB/SME-Cisco: Premium price/support Same day product replacement World class NMS Total system solution – QoS.0—6-6 © 2008 Cisco Systems. management • Highly scalable (Ent/Carrier) • Highest availability • Cisco I. — IOS SMBAM v2. .P. Inc.

0—6-7 . SMBAM v2.Purpose-Built For Small Business  Designed and engineered for business and not a retail product with ―tweaks‖ – Simplified to allow easy integration – Advanced security technologies to protect your business – Integration and efficient delivery of real-time voice and data applications  Built exclusively for small business to provide easy-to-implement – Security and access protection – Network management and control – Advanced protocol and IPv6 network technologies © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Inc.

SMBAM v2. Inc.The Linksys Connected Office © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.0—6-8 .

SMBAM v2. Inc.The Connected Office Portfolio Switching Managed Web Smart Unmanaged Network Security Firewall Virtual Private Networks Intrusion Prevention Storage Network Attached Storage Wireless Access Points PC Client Adapters Surveillance IP Cameras VoIP Phones PBX Gateways © 2008 Cisco Systems.0—6-9 . All rights reserved.

virus. and phishing attacks before they reach your network – URL filtering and website rating to limit access to dangerous sites  Secure your business data with Continuous Data Protection for files – Protection for all of your critical PC business files – For every file that is saved. a backup is archived automatically – Archive to the NSS NAS storage solutions for complete storage. and vulnerabilities in order to protect your assets:  Traditional network infrastructure lockdown – Support for 802. Inc.0—6-10 . risks. SMBAM v2.Comprehensive Security Portfolio A comprehensive suite of technologies provides integrated protection against network threats. All rights reserved.1x authentication — ACL – Support for DMZ-VLAN isolation  Protect against network attacks with Trend MicroTM ProtectLinkTM – Stop spamming. and to meet all of your business data sharing needs © 2008 Cisco Systems.

0—6-11 . All rights reserved. Inc. SMBAM v2.Product Families © 2008 Cisco Systems.

0—6-12 • *Not all features supported on all Linksys Business Series Routers © 2008 Cisco Systems.dyndns. All rights reserved. .Linksys Router Business Features* • • • • • • Connect securely to the Internet Advanced Stateful Packet Inspection firewall protects your PCs from some Internet attacks IPS offers additional protection from viruses and malware Host a web server or FTP server with a dedicated DMZ port Internet redundancy with dual WAN connections Create up to 100 simultaneous IPsec VPN tunnels to securely connect remote offices or traveling users – without licenses! Support for Dynamic DNS so your router can be accessed using a web address like myrouter2. SMBAM v2.

VPN Router Features RV016 IPSec QVPN IPSec GTWY SSL Tunnels LAN WAN IDS DMZ Wireless MIMO IPV6 50 100 -16 2 -Hrdwr ---RV082 50 100 -8 2 -Sftwr ---RV042 50 50 -4 2 -Hrdwr ---RVS4000 5 5 -4x Gb/s 1x Gb/s Yes Sftwr --IPv6 LAN 6to4 RVL200 -1 5 4 1 -Sftwr ---WRVS4400N 5 5 -4x Gb/s 1x Gb/s Yes Software 802.11n 2x3 IPv6 LAN 6to4 WRV200 10 5 -4 1 -Software 802. All rights reserved.11g 1x2 -WRV54G 50 50 -4 1 -Software 802.0—6-13 . Inc.11g --- © 2008 Cisco Systems. SMBAM v2.

Inc.0—6-14 .Switching Portfolio VLAN QoS POE SNMP ACL SSH/SSL Stacking L3 RPSU SP Features SPS Service Provider Edge Switches X X X X X X X X X X X X SRW Managed Fixed SFE/SGE Managed Stackable X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X SLM Smart Stackable SLM Smart Fixed SD/SR Unmanaged © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. SMBAM v2.

0—6-15 .11g and 802. Inc.11n versions  Indoor and outdoor models  Optional high-gain antennae Intended environments  Coverage – Large areas – Areas with strong interference  Distance  extended distances – Building to building  Scale  large numbers of users – Most wireless routers and APs limited to 32 users outdoor coverage  Enhanced security © 2008 Cisco Systems.Wireless Access Points Complete portfolio of Wireless APs and Wireless bridges  802. All rights reserved. SMBAM v2.

0—6-16 . Inc. SMBAM v2.Q&A © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.

SMBAM v2.Lesson Summary  The Linksys Connected Office provides the framework for the most flexible.  The Linksys solutions support routing. © 2008 Cisco Systems.0—6-17 . and cost-effective portfolio of products and is designed specifically for small businesses that have between five and 100 users. All rights reserved. robust. switching. and security for SMB customers. Inc.

SMBAM v2. All rights reserved.0—6-18 . Inc.© 2008 Cisco Systems.