Private VLAN Catalyst Switch Support Matrix

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Private VLANs (PVLANs) provide Layer (L2) isolation between ports within the same VLAN. The table in this document summarizes the support of the PVLAN feature in Cisco Catalyst switches. Refer to Securing Networks with Private VLANs and VLAN Access Control Lists for more information on how to understand and implement networks that use PVLANs. Click on the Catalyst switch in the table in this document. This will provide the step−by−step configuration guide on how to configure PVLANs on specific Catalyst switches.

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Support for the PVLAN Feature in Cisco Catalyst Switches
This table provides information about the PVLAN feature support in Cisco Catalyst switches: PVLAN Supported Minimum Software Version 5.4(1) on Supervisor and

Catalyst Platform

Isolated VLAN Yes

PVLAN Edge Community (Protected Port) VLAN Not Supported Yes

Catalyst 6500/6000 − Hybrid mode

1(8a)EX. 12.12. Not 12. Catalyst 2900XL/3500XL Not Supported Catalyst 2948G−L3 / 4908G−L3 Catalyst 1900 Catalyst 8500 Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported 12.1(8a)EW Not Supported Yes Not Supported Yes. Catalyst 2950 Not Supported Yes.0(5)XU Not (on 8MB Not Supported switches only) Supported onwards. 12.0(5.2(20)EW onwards. Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Catalyst 3560 Yes Catalyst 3750 Yes Yes Catalyst 3750 Metro 12. Not Supported 12.2(25)EY − EMI Yes Yes .2(20)SE − EMI 12. Yes.1(4)EA1 Not and later.1(19)EA1 onwards.1(4)EA1 Supported onwards. Supported 12.0(7)XE1 on MSFC 12. 12. Not 12. Not Not Not Supported Supported Supported Yes Not Supported 6.(CatOS on Supervisor and Cisco IOS® on MSFC) Catalyst 6500/6000 − Native mode (Cisco IOS® System software on both Supervisor and MSFC) Catalyst 5500/5000 Catalyst 4500/4000 − CatOS Catalyst 4500/4000 − Cisco IOS Catalyst 3550 12.2(1) Yes Not Supported Yes Yes.1(11)AX onwards.1(11b)E1 Yes Not Supported and later.2)WC1.1(14)AX onwards.2(20)SE − EMI Not Not Supported Supported Not Not Supported Supported Not Not Supported Supported Yes Yes. Supported Yes. 12. 12. Yes.

multicast.2 Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Yes Not Supported Yes.0(5) XU or later code.1(6)EA2 Supported onwards. and technologies. • Four MB Catalyst 2900XL Series Switches do not support the protected port feature. The latest version of code that runs on the Catalyst 2900XL is Cisco IOS 11. Refer to Configuring Private VLANs for additional restrictions. and cannot be a Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) destination. Not Not Supported Supported Yes Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Catalyst 2970 Catalyst 2960 Catalyst Express 500 Additional Notes: Not Supported • The PVLAN edge (protected port) is a feature that has only local significance to the switch. The featured links are some of the most recent conversations available in this technology. Not 12. • PVLAN is supported on sc0 in the Catalyst 4500/4000 and Catalyst 6500/6000 that run CatOS.1(11)AX Supported onwards. cannot channel. A protected port does not forward any traffic (unicast. Traffic cannot be forwarded between protected ports at Layer 2. in software release 6. Not 12. or broadcast) to any other port that is also a protected port in the same switch. All traffic passing between protected ports must be forwarded through a Layer 3 device.Catalyst 2940 Not Supported Yes. Not 12. suggestions. If you run a software version earlier than 3.1.2(25)FX Supported and later. cannot have dynamic VLAN membership. and there is no isolation provided between two protected ports located on different switches.2(8)SA6. • PVLAN ports cannot be trunk ports. Yes. NetPro Discussion Forums − Featured Conversations for LAN Network Infrastructure: LAN Routing and Switching Network Infrastructure: Getting Started with LANs . products. Therefore. Not Supported Catalyst 2948G/2980G Catalyst 2955 6. Not 12. the only possible workaround is to connect the promiscuous port of the PVLAN using the crossover cable to a regular access port. and information about networking solutions. it provides isolation. Then.3(1) and later.1(13)AY Supported onwards. Two−way community VLANS in PVLANs are currently not supported on the Catalyst 4500/4000 Series Switches that run Cisco IOS. • PVLAN support on Firewall Services Module (FWSM) begins in software version 3. make a firewall for the VLAN of that access port. as these cannot be upgraded to Cisco IOS 12. NetPro Discussion Forums − Featured Conversations Networking Professionals Connection is a forum for networking professionals to share questions. Yes.1.

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