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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Inter-Cloud

Krishna Sankar
Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential


… Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Inc. James Urquhart. Cisco Confidential 2 . Glenn Dasmalchi. Doug Gourlay.Agenda A Quick Elevator Pitch On Inter-Cloud Thanks to David Bernstein.

All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 3 .Data Center Evolution Path Virtualization Cloud Computing Consolidation Abstraction Automation Utility Market Inter-Cloud Private Clouds Unified Computing Unified Fabric Data Center Networking Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 4 .Cisco Cloud Strategy Build Right Products Unified Fabric Unified Compute Virtualization Aware Technology Enhanced IP core with tight coupling to Software Multi-Phased Standalone Clouds to Enterprise-Class to Inter-Cloud Services/ Reference SW Services-led Cloud blueprints Reference software stacks Open Standards Accelerate Cloud deployment and federation through Cloud standards Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

defining clouds without defining them Essential Cloud Monikers  Elasticity  Multi-tenancy SaaS SaaS Abstraction Inter-Cloud IaaS Private Cloud Federation  Abstraction  Federation  Trust Boundary  Ownership Boundary 5 Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Cisco Confidential .a. All rights reserved.a.k. Inc.

Cisco Confidential Key challenges:  Federation  Portability  Market 6 . All rights reserved.Cloud Adoption Phases Standalone Clouds EnterpriseClass Clouds Inter-Cloud External. Inc. On-Premise Key challenges:  Security  SLAs  Control Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Off-Premise Internal.

Cisco Confidential 7 . All rights reserved.Vision—The Inter-Cloud Flexible Infrastructure and a New Application Platform Dynamic Workload Migration Apps Integrate Services from Multiple Clouds A Federation of Clouds Based on Open Standards:  Naming/Discovery  Trust  Exchange/Peering Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

Compatible Infrastructure Internal Cloud Trust Boundary (same) Vs. Cisco Systems. Inc.Virtual Private Inter-Cloud / CloudBursting Internal Cloud External Cloud Multi-Tenant SP Cloud 1. Ownership Boundary (may be different) Seamless Extension of the Enterprise DC (IaaS) 8 Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 Cisco Confidential Cisco Confidential 8 . Established Trust Relationship 2. All rights reserved.

Inc. Load Balancing. firewall/NAT. one also needs • To migrate network context like VPN/VRF. QoS and may be some port profiles (for IKV/1K/5K) and configuration (for others). All rights reserved. VLAN.Virtual Private Inter-Cloud / CloudBursting  When enterprise applications can seamlessly move between their internal & external clouds leveraging the elasticity & multi-tenancy that a cloud infrastructure offers  Extend secure data center to the cloud computing era  In order to get a portion of the SP cloud as a „seamless extension‟ of the enterprise data center. Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems.  This will require a convergence of • Current ideas. as well as • A slice of new technologies (like LISP) at appropriate levels to tackle this challenge. Cisco Confidential 9 .

control APIs (and underlying abstractions) . QoS. monitoring. Inc.Inter-Cloud: Key Questions  What is the “network model” ? . All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 10 .isolation (per above).live migration requirement? . where is my VM ? Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. CPE linkages  How are the network features exposed/integrated? .moving workload context OS linkages  To what extent will we support workload mobility? .network abstractions for the enterprise tenants (seamless)  What are the “network features” that differentiate? .network-based isolation for the multitenant SP cloud .

Inc. . All rights reserved.Inter-Cloud In A Nutshell Virtualized Data Centers EnterpriseClass Clouds Inter-Cloud Application APIs Application APIs Compute Services Integration Services          Presentation_ID Orchestration App Deployment Billing/Charge-back SLA Monitoring Traffic Isolation Security QoS Virtual Switching Cluster Communications Cisco Confidential  Select Workload Mobility  Data Access/Mobility  Address Mobility  Monitoring/ Event Processing  Intelligent Caching  Policy-Based Selection  Cross Cloud:  Load Balancing  Fault Tolerance  Workload Exchange  Identity/Presence  Discovery  Network Search  CloudBursting  simpler case 11 © 2008 Cisco Systems.

WWN. Cisco Confidential 12 . VLAN. Deployment. Entitlement. Format. Trustsec Cloud 1/2 negotiate → Policy. Inc. Filesystem Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Security. Presence Cloud 1 trusts Cloud 2 → Certificates. Metering Cloud 1 sets up Cloud 2 → Placement. Management VM Runs in Cloud 2 → Addressing. Motion Cloud 1 sends to Cloud 2 → Transfer.Inter-Cloud Example Dynamic Workload Migration – Simple VM Mobility Cloud 1 / Cloud 2 transport → XMPP Cloud 1 finds Cloud 2 → Naming.

Presence Cloud 1 trusts Cloud 2 → Certificates.Inter-Cloud Example Dynamic Workload Federation – Generalized Service Access Cloud 1 / Cloud 2 transport → XMPP Cloud 1 finds Cloud 2 → Naming. Inc. OWL Cloud 1 selects. SLAs 13 Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Trustsec Cloud 1 queries Cloud 2 for Services → RDF/SPARQL. receives protocols. All rights reserved. interface → Web Services. Cisco Confidential . REST API Cloud 1 calls services in Cloud 2 → Metering. 14 .org  Virtual Machines DMTF OVF  Media Enablement Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc. Cisco Confidential  Distributed Storage Acceleration opencloudconsortium. All rights reserved.Specific Inter-Cloud Projects  Addressing – IETF LISP  UCI – Google Code  Conversations – XMPP. udt.

RDP HTTP. Cisco Confidential 15 . All rights reserved. UDT Transport REST. P2P. Email) Time Synchronization Power Management Actual Physical WWN FC iSCSI VSAN Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems.Inter-Cloud Standards & Protocols Roadmap Lots of Work to do Cisco Strategy: use technology to enable enhanced. SOAP Description Communication Users Identity Blob Storage Block Storage Map/Table Model Query Model Content Addressable Transactions Synchronization Orchestration Server profiles VM Management VM Format VM Mobility VM Management Directory Search Streaming Audio Streaming Video Drives Filesystem Load Balancer Distributed Memory Grid / MPI Industry Associations. AMD-V VNtag Platform Metaphor Content (URL. partnerships inevitable Physical Metaphor MAC Addresses IP Addressing VLAN Multicast Intel VT. XML Invocation XML Schema. interoperable network based services Deployment Placement Instrumentation Metering SLA Events Logs Naming/DNS Discovery Trust/Certificates Presence Identity Geospatial Management Security Policy Entitlement Audit Endpoints Remote Desktop Spice. Cache) Message (Queue. Inc. XMPP.