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The Assessment Center can accommodate any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness, or other excused absence from class. Students who are contagious are not to test in the Assessment Center until they are no longer contagious (for example, chicken pox or strep throat). 2. The Assessment Center cannot accommodate entire classes, including final exams, unless the class is an alternate delivery course (i.e. distance learning). Seating is limited and during busy times, students may have to wait for an available desk or computer station. 3. To have your test(s) administered by the Assessment Center, fill out a “Testing Instruction Form” with instructions on how your test should be administered. This information includes test name, time limits, aids allowed, special instructions or accommodations, student names, deadlines, etc. Please complete the entire form, remembering to include a last date to administer the test. Testing instruction forms may be printed from the GTCC website at Student Services/Assessment Center. 4. Please prepare all “Testing Instruction Forms” prior to visiting the testing center. There is extremely limited physical space as well as writing surface space, thus it can become uncomfortably crowded in the testing center. 5. It is extremely important that special needs students are afforded accommodations as indicated on the green sheet that you received from the Disability Access Services office (DAS). Since the Assessment Center does not have access to this information, it is vital that you (the instructor) include this information on the "Testing Instruction Form". If a student presents you with a green sheet that indicates extended time (1.5x) as an accommodation, it is your responsibility to indicate that on the "Testing Instruction Form" by multiplying the time that everyone else is allowed to take the test by 1.5 and indicating that in the time allowed field. For example, if normal testing time is 60 minutes and a student is allowed time and a half (1.5x), which would be 90 minutes, please write 90 minutes on the form. 6. The Assessment Center is unable to make copies of tests, so please bring enough for all students who will be testing. File space is limited. Each instructor will have letter sized hanging file reserved for his or her tests. If you prepare a folder for your test, please include the following information on the tab: your last name, your first name, the course title and number, whether online, webenhanced, or face to face, and the test number, if applicable. 7. Please paperclip your tests together with the testing instruction form on top. If you write the students’ names on the tests, please arrange the tests in alphabetical order by the last name. Drop the tests to be taken in the wire basket and sign the faculty log. When picking up tests sign the log and retrieve completed tests from the filing cabinet designated for faculty. 8. Students will not be allowed to drop off, pick up, or remove test materials from the Assessment Center. The Assessment Center does not accept students’ homework assignments or take home tests. In addition, the Assessment Center does not distribute take home tests, course materials or study guides, score test or pass out grades. We will direct students to the instructor or instructor’s mailbox in either of these instances.

Make Up Testing Guidelines

Last Revised: Sep-10

administered by Appointment Only Please contact the High Point Advising Center at 336. Inquiring students will be told to consult their instructor. even if they have not completed their test. Rm. Rm. Monday – Thursday. which is why there is a need for an appointment. calculators. Any student who becomes disruptive in the Assessment Center may face disciplinary actions and may be barred from using the services of the Assessment Center.4332 or ext. whiteout. as students will be asked to leave at the scheduled closing time. closing at 3:30pm** Saturday. administered by Appointment Only Please contact the Greensboro Advising Center at 336. are not supplied by the Assessment Center. *The Assessment Center follows the College Closing Schedule. if test is timed.334. the Greensboro and High Point Campuses have limited resources for testing. if the instructor forwards their tests to that campus. Please make sure that your students know that they must bring a photo ID with them each time they come to the Assessment Center. rulers. closing at 12:00pm* High Point Campus (H1.4113 Greensboro Campus (CEC. the Jamestown Campus Assessment Center will administer other campuses tests. blue books. While it may be an inconvenience for some students. the course number. or they will not be allowed to test. as well as will be closed on Saturdays where a holiday falls on a Friday or Monday **The Assessment Center closes at 1:00pm during the summer session. Students will not be permitted to return at a later time to complete a test they have started or seen without permission from the instructor. based on the campus their classes are located.132) Daily. etc. if it is a distance learning course. 8:00am – 2:30pm. 9:00am – 11:00am.334. 12. Students should use the following schedules. highlighters. for testing availability: Jamestown Campus (Medlin Campus Center. 14. Please make students aware of these testing schedules.133) Friday. test dates. 11. 8:00am – 6:00pm.217) Testing administered on a walk-in basis. and the test number or the chapters that the test covers. if test is here.4822 ext. or faculty instructions). 13.9. The Assessment Center will only supply scratch paper.e. scantron answer sheets. Faculty test information will not be given out by phone or in person until the test is administered (i. Make Up Testing Guidelines Last Revised: Sep-10 . Dictionaries. Rm. Please inform students that they will need to tell the Assessment Center staff the following information: Instructor’s name. closing at 6:55pm Friday.4822 ext. 4301 Please note that because of space limitations. 10.