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IBM Global Financing Case Study


Deyle Group: Financial concept ts seamlessly in IT world

Centralization and consolidation strategy leads to signicant synergy effects
The Deyle Group, headquartered in Stuttgart, has been providing support for a number of decades to numerous centres of excellence for a vast array of sports disciplines, and also develops innovative water-centric and experience-based worlds. The company was founded back in 1964 by Werner Deyle and currently employs about 450 people. The Group has established itself a great international reputation in the development, planning, implementation and operation of sports facilities, hotels and leisure complexes, including with the organizers of Olympic Games, as well as European and World Championships. The task prole of the planners working at Planungsbro Deyle GmbH encompasses architecture, technical building equipment, general planning and the management of projects and outsourcing. Deyle Management GmbH is responsible for the development and conception of projects, for shouldering overall management responsibility and for running leisure facilities under its own brand, Starwaters.

The Challenge
More efficient operational management for companies in the Deyle Group, and of third-party systems, through a new strategic realignment of IT; discovering a sustainable nancing solution appropriate to that overall IT concept

The Solution
Phasing out of the previous decentralized installations with a standardized central solution based on IBM BladeCenter and IBM System Storage; IBM Global Financing taking charge of the nancing arrangements

The Benets

Monthly xed costs instead of high levels of initial investment outlay Substantial cost savings compared to an acquisition-based solution Reliable operation with greatly reduced administrative overhead

Many partners, heterogeneous infrastructure

Including Bodetal Therme Thale, the latest facility to be added to its portfolio in March 2011, the Deyle Group operates a total of seven leisure complexes and pool-based watersports facilities. Two of these businesses are wholly owned by the Deyle Group. Other facilities are managed and run on behalf of various municipalities through operating companies owned by the Deyle Group that enjoy nancial autonomy, or which are operated on the basis of management agreements. With Deyle, every single facility is run in a commercially successful manner, and benets from the classic benets of Group membership without this in any way detracting from their autonomy. On the basis of thirty years of experience as an operator, we can deliver all services associated with human resources, business management and technology in a professional manner that delivers great benets to customers, states Mark Tom Psken, one of the two directors of Deyle Management GmbH. These synergy benets include our IT services. However, the delivery of professional operational management and the associated controlling tasks calls for a great deal more than a few PCs for in-house technical services and facility management, in-house networking and a local connection to the cashdesk systems within those facilities.

IBM Global Financing Case Study


With IBM Global Financing, we have found quick-response, highly capable business partners to manage lifetime costs and technical structure, which in turn deliver sustainability to all aspects of renancing.
Mark Tom Psken, CEO, Deyle Management GmbH, Stuttgart

Comprehensive, i.e. end-to-end IT support is instead what is required to accomplish these tasks. That also relates to business strategy in conjunction with stakes in and by the competition. As a general rule nowadays, whenever a new build or modernization project involving municipal infrastructure goes out to tender, this involves public-private partnerships (PPP). Mark Tom Psken: We can voice recommendations for planning and operation, both in relation to building technology and optimum business management as well as incorporation of cashdesk systems. To derive maximum leverage from the commercially required synergy-based approaches, Deyle therefore has to be capable in technical terms to work with the IT infrastructure already installed on a given site. These businesses use a combination of standard MS Office applications as well as facility-specic, i.e. bespoke, access control and cashdesk transaction management systems. Here, a wide range of manufacturers shares the eld. Mark Tom Psken: Irrespective of which provider actually wins the business: we can ensure that the applications, together with all aspects of data administration, can be represented by Deyle from its head office location. All you then need to have on site is a number of inexpensive terminals.

Centralization and consolidation required

Deyle has been supported for several years by IBM Business Partner Schmid und Partner Gesellschaft fr Datenverarbeitung und Kommunikationselektronik mbH. Schmid und Partner specializes in a number of things, including high-performance, virtualized memory solutions and Citrix Thin Client technologies. Back in 2008, with the support of Schmid und Partner, Deyle optimized the historical legacy IT environment at the Stuttgart head office site for architecturial and engineering services. The architects and engineers there use various programs including AutoCAD. The old infrastructure was no longer capable of satisfying the more stringent requirements, especially in the eld of CAD. At this time, Deyle and Schmid and Partner were always collaborating with a specialist for access control and cashdesk systems, specically in the tness centre and pool-based watersports sector. Part of the IT inventory was renanced in 2008 through a leasing service agreement. We were aware that we were going to need a completely new solution because the IT environments were not homogeneous and future-proof, stated Mark Tom Psken. With Schmid und Partner we then went on to analyze how we should best go about restructuring IT to meet the various requirements relating to planning and to decentralized operational management. In order to work more efficiently, and to avoid the need for having several hardware installations at those various sites, we endeavored to come up with one central solution for servers, computing power, data storage and failsafe backups (i.e. system redundancy). The aim was to improve the quality of operational management through the introduction of homogeneous IT infrastructure and to simplify the administration issues associated with software license and application management. At the same time, only minimal IT components were to give rise to separate investments. Through centralization, on-site IT was to be reduced to nothing more than a

IBM Global Financing Case Study


Solution components

technical data link. Facilities which Deyle took over in fully operational status can be linked up via routers, regardless of their on-site network structure. Designed and, to a large extent, already tested and in operation, there is now a new solution comprising IBM BladeCenter HS22 servers, IBM System Storage DS3300 and EXP3000 disk drives. Citrix XEN Enterprise Engine is used for server virtualization. The planned solution needed to be set up in one single large step, and would have incurred the need for substantial investment. In collaboration with IBM Global Financing, Deyle used the opportunity to pull down a ve-year renancing package which accurately reects the sustainability credentials of the investment. Alternative nancing partners were not able to deliver any correspondingly convincing overall IT concept. With IBM Global Financing, we have found quick-response, highly capable business partners to manage lifetime costs and technical structure, which in turn deliver sustainability to all aspects of renancing, stated Mark Tom Psken. The talks were very clear, open and binding and, despite the complexity of the technical task we faced, they were also easy to follow for our commercial guys. It was possible to stick to the tightly specied schedule by virtue, not least, to the nancing concept that had been proposed. Reliability, quality and seamless processing conrmed our decision in favor of IBM as our nancing partner. The terms and conditions were right too. We were able to compare the IBM bid for tender against two alternative quotations.

IBM BladeCenter HS22 IBM System Storage DS3300, EXP3000


Citrix XEN Enterprise Engine


Financing through IBM Global Financing

IBM Business Partner

Consultancy and implementation: Schmid & Partner Gesellschaft fr Datenverarbeitung und Kommunikationselektronik mbH

Financing allows on-schedule changeover

On 18 March 2011, the rst facility in Thale is to be switched over to the new structure. Other sites are then to follow in sequence. Alongside these rst steps twoards integration of the businesses and the basic infrastructure, AutoCAD is also running via the planners terminals. The enormous volume of data associated with CAD applications has already been taken into account in the sizing of the storage facilities, capable of holding up to 48 terabytes (TB) of data. The processing speed of this central solution is vastly improved, as tests with beta applications on the Citrix user interface have demonstrated. This does away with the legacy maintenance cost issues associated with software support over licenses and versions. Mark Tom Psken: The data administration of CAD applications on the central system already runs absolutely smoothly. The transfer of data to the new world also took place without any problems. To date, we have not encountered any difficulties with the test runs. For that reason, we can be condent of completing the entire project successfully within the specied parameters. In the ensuring step, all existing on-site PCs in these businesses are to be replaced with Thin Clients. This promises to deliver the requisite adjustment in terms of the performance capabilities of infrastructure and servers. Depending on the scale of the facility, operating companies will be billed for IT costs on a pro rata basis, reecting the number of users, the extent of use made of the service and the utilization of licenses and

network facilities. The IBM nancing package ts seamlessly into that overall solution and provides nancial latitude. Mark Tom Pskens a summary: With the IBM system architecture and renancing structure, we save about half the money we would otherwise have spent over a ve year period on investment in hardware. Moreover, through our collaboration with IBM Global Financing, we also gain an additional bonus in terms of the bond of trust we are able to establish with our suppliers.

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