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1. INTRODUCTION School Management is intended to automate every aspect of operations and day to day activities of the Institution.

By covering aspects means - every aspects, it includes day to day transactions occurs in a front office, all admission processes of students etc .In short By using this software means securing the routine activities of the School . School management system is a simple yet powerful one integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fees counter, library, hostel, Academic ,events etc

INTRODUCTION About the project The student management system is an automated version of manual Student Management System. It can handle all details about a student. The details include college details, subject details, student personnel details, academic details, exam details etc... In case of manual system they need a lot of time, manpower etc.Here almost all work is computerized. So the accuracy is maintained. Maintaining backup is very easy. It can do with in a few minutes. Our system has two type of accessing modes, administrator and user. Student management system is managed by an administrator. It is the job of the administrator to insert update and monitor the whole process. When a user log in to the system. He would only view details of the student. He can't perform any changes .The system has four modules. They are College and Department details

2. What We Offer User –Friendly Environment  Effective staff Management System  It is flexible and customizable to suit individual schools  Effective School record Management : From student Registration to till the time of student leaving the school  Academic performance evaluation for students after exams  Complete Accounting and asset management module  Effective Timetable scheduling  Track records easily with suitable search Criteria’s

Admission The pre-admission module is a convenient and a time saving way to handle and track student registrations, and results for entance exams tests,  Issue of Prospectus regarding admission .  Keep Separate student list for merit admission and admission under management quota. And for management quota it keeps the details of donations received from students Student Management  It have an efficient student record management system : It details about each and every record of student from the time of registration till leaving from that school .

table etc)  Issue of Class Diary  Timetable allotment to each class  Remainder about class tests.  Keeps details of students leaving from school. Issue of Prospectus regarding admission  Unique Registration Number for each student. The timetable module features generation of class/teacher timetables  Time table generation of class timetables and provisions for a teacher substitution list for absent teachers  TimeTable for teachers based on class timetable.keep separate record for attendance for this special classes  Keeps records of absentees of exams  Details of promotion and depromotion  Progress Report  Details of parents meeting  At the time of leaving the class.  Details of student participation for events  Keeps record of students in each club  Keep separate record for Class Management  Division allotment to each classes based on minimum number of students in each class  Allotment of assets to each student (like chair. in case of any damages details of damaged items Time table management The timetable module has been designed to simplify the most time consuming task in a school. Clubs  Details of all type of clubs in school  Keeps separate record for student list in each each club . the creation of a timetable.  Remainder about fees dues before Exams  Results of each class tests  Details of Special classes for students . exam details and all important informations in class  Attendance marking for each student. details of returning items which given at the time of entry to classes. In student Registration: Keeps all the personal and academics details of each student.details of staff and student in charge  Details of activites conducted by each club  Details of club meetings . in case of suspension /dismissal keep separate record for that.