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Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination


Which of the following metals cannot be efficiently cut with OFe? a high-carbon steel b low-carbon steel c.. stainless steel d. cast iron e.. tempered steel Electrical conductivity a. ET of a part is the primary requirement for which NDE method?






The melting point of carbon steel is approximately: a. 2250cP



e., F4

3005cF 3333cF

Decibel is a term associated with which NDE method? a, UT b


e., F5


Which GMA W metal transfer mode results in the least amount of penetration? a, globular' b. short circuiting c. spray d. pulsed splay e. globular spray Which of the following gas(es) is commonly a. argon b. carbon dioxide c. oxygen d. argon/carbon dioxide Tri-mix e. used as a shielding gas for GTAW?



Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination


After a rejected weld has been repaired, reinspected and found to be acceptable, the welding inspector should: a. change the original inspection report to indicate the part's acceptance b mark directly on the part c. fill out a second inspection report d. tell the foreman to have the part moved to its next operation e., no further action is required When a metal is alloyed, how are the atoms of the alloy incorporated into the original metal lattice structure? a. by inclusion or exclusion b. substitutionally or interstitially c. by diffusion d. by becoming martensitic e.. by casting A wire IQI is used in which NDE method?
a" b. UT ET RT MT



d., e"



In general, which of the following is not commonly used as a semiautomatic process? a. GMAW b. FCAW c. SMAW d., SAW e.. MIG The performance of which of the following test methods is least affected by high part temperatures? a, ET




d. e


Crater cracks are most often the result of: a. improper technique b improper filler metal c improper base metal d. napped slag e. trapped hydrogen

Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination


The tail of a welding symbol should not be used for: a.. denoting welding process requirements b denoting welding procedure requirements c. denoting welding electrode requirements d. denoting welding specification requirements e.. denoting groove angle During tempering, as the temperature increases, which of the following are coned? a. hardness increases h. hardness decreases c. elongation decreases d. strength increases e. ductility decreases In GMA W, the distance from the end of the contact tube to the arc is: a. arc length b. electrode extension c. stickout d. stand off e. work angle Of the following, which is not a type of metal transfer in GMA W? a. spray b short c~cuiting c globular d.. pulsed arc e.. open circuiting Ultraviolet light may be used with which NDE methods? a. VT and UT b. PT and UT c. MT andPT d RTandUT e. ETandMT The technique which does not aid in reducing residual stress is: a. peening b. vibratory stress relief c. thermal stress relief d. external restraint e. preheating






faying surface c. PI ET RT LT of a material's toughness? F21 Of the following tests. underfill Lamellar tear F20 Heat treatment conditions can be determined using which of the following? a MT h. thorium c. on the right h. e. groove angle F24 4 . d. Charpy test h. weld interface h. root face e.. does not matter The portion of the groove face within the joint root is called: a. vanadium e . on the side in which the straight side actually appears in the joint e. d. MT chemical analysis tensile test bend test are commonly used as alloying elements with tungsten to F22 Which of the following elements produce GTA Welectrodes? a .. on the left c. the line of the A WS weld symbol running perpendicular to the reference line is always drawn on which side of the weld symbol? a.. c. c.. depending on company policy d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F19 Which of the following may not be detected with VT? a. on either side. e.. groove weld edge d... large surface crack b undercut c. which can be used for the actual determination a. overlap d. columbium d. e. chromium F23 For single bevel-groove weld symbols. cesium h.

improper electrode angle e. RT F26 F27 F28 d. side bend c. phase changes c. welding electrode too huge d. improper electrode manipulation c. the welding inspector should: a. UT c.l h. welding position d. e. ASj\ffi Section IX Which of the factors listed below has the least amount of effect on the residual stress and distortion that results nom welding? a. F30 inspect his work more critically ask that the welder be fired require that the welder be retested for qualification instruct the welder in the proper techniques ask that the welder use another process Which of the following tests would be least effective for judging the soundness of a weld in the as-welded condition? a.. d e. coefficient of thermal expansion Capillary action plays a role in which NDE method? a. b.. AWSDl .. c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F25 Which of the following are common cases of undercut when using SMAW? a. API 1104 c. radiography e. F29 PI MT If a welder is continually turning out rejectable work. tensile strength e. heat input b. nick break h. weld current too high b.. all of the above NDE technicians are usually qualified in accordance with the requirements of: a. ET b. straight beam UT 5 . ASi\1E Section VIII e. ASNT SNT-TC-lA d. face bend d..

argon 75%.. VT andPT Which discontinuity below will provide the sharpest MT indication? a. surface porosity h. increased voltage b. heliurn-lOO% d. h. increased current. surface crack c. indications will be identical for all of the above In SMAW. subsurface crack e. MTandET e.. c. rugon-98% e. decreased voltage d.. PT andMT d. subsurface porosity d. UT andET b RT andPT c. welding in comers e welding on AC Which of the following shielding gases is used for GMAW spray transfer on steel? a. magnetic field distortion h. decreased voltage e. increased heat input. rugon-lOO% c.. F32 F33 F34 F35 F36 e inspection reports should always: be completed in ink. increased heat input Weld a. an increase in arc length results in: a. decreased current.. oxygen-2%. or typewritten and signed be done in pencil so mistakes can be easily corrected be filled out only if the weld is rejected retyped by a clerk so that everything is readable include the welder's identification 6 . welding at the end of a joint d. d. decreased current. improper worklead (ground) location c. decreased current.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F31 Arc blow can not be caused by: a. carbon dioxide-lOO% h. carbon dioxide-25% Developing is one of the steps in which NDE method? a. increased voltage c.

.. e F40 UT VT MT PT Use of preheat will result in: a. RT F41 b. a faster cooling rate and narrower heat-affected zone c. hardness and strength are not related 7 . decrease tensile strength b increase hardness. decrease hardness: increase tensile strength d hardness and tensile strength can both be increased by tempering e. F39 spray globular pulsed arc short circuiting open arc Which of the following is truly a volumetric test method? a. c d. a slower cooling late and narrower heat-affected zone e. a slower cooling rate and wider heat-affected zone d. d.. tensile strength d. hardness b toughness c. e. RT b c. MT UT PI' VT F42 For plain carbon steels. the type of metal transfer requiring a special power source is: F3a a. none of the above Which of the following methods is most likely to use a transducer to scan for flaws? a.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F37 The ability to be cyclically loaded without failing is related to which of the following properties of a metal? a. increase tensile strength c. how are hardness and tensile strength related? a increase hardness. fatigue strength e ductility In GMAW.. a faster cooling rate and wider heat-affected zone h.. c d. e. h.

it means: weld both sides weld arrow side first weld other side first weld has no side significance the symbol was drawn incorrectly 8 F44 F45 F46 F47 F48 . stickout e. tensile strength increases During RT. which of the following provides the best protection from radiation for a given thickness? a.. before shipping the work e. after welding is completed d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F43 In GMAW. ductility decreases d. concrete shielding d. impact strength decreases b. d. travel speed The welding variables used to calculate heat input are: a. e. voltage c. current d. wood shielding A weld inspection plan should be developed: a. travel speed. copper shielding e. steel shielding c. before welding begins b. voltage. hardness increases e. voltage and current b. current and travel speed c. preheat temperature and voltage e voltage. during welding c. arc length h.. lead shielding h.. tensile strength decreases c.. current and travel speed d. current and preheat temperature As the temperature of the base metal is increased: a. b c. weld symbol straddles the reference line. only when there is a problem If the a. the welding variable controlled by the wire feed speed is: a.

quenching rapidly after welding d. no eye protection is required because there is no visible arc d. rutile. tinted safety glasses e a full face shield with a shade #5 minimum An E7018 SMA W electrode exhibits which of the following characteristics? a. low hydrogen. stress relief b.. e. hardening d normalizing e. preheating The physical principle that permits discontinuities is: a.. MT PT F52 A thermal treatment that follows quenching and restores some of the metal's ductility is referred to as: a. RT is a material property used by which NDE method? F50 F51 d. tempering c. postweld heat treating e. iron powder b. capillary action d. DeEP e. iron powder d. use on AC only. AC and DCEP. optical fluorescence c.. postheat Which of these methods is most often used to eliminate welding? a prebending b shot blasting c. low hydrogen. DCEP. a welding helmet with filter lens of the appropriate shade b.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F49 Which of the following represents the proper eye protection for SAW? a. magnetic permeability b. emulsification e" solubility the migration the high residual stress created by F53 F54 of liquid penetrant into very fine surface 9 . rutile. use on AC and DCEN c. low hydrogen. clear safety glasses c. ET c . iron powder Piezoelectricity a. UT b.

Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F55 The process whereby a large gap is filled with braze material without the help of capillary action is: a. Part C c.' the detection of surface flaws tightly closed by carbon. dip brazing e. toughness e. arc br azing c. Part A Which of the following is considered conducting a magnetic particle test? a AC coil b. GMAW c GTAW d" OFW e. DC coil d" DC prod e" Head Shot to be the most portable method of magnetization when F56 F57 F58 Advantages of MT include: a" the detection of surface flaws b. AC yoke c. an increase in the carbon equivalent of a carbon steel will result in an increase in its: a" ductility b. ASME Section V e. FCAW F59 F60 10 . defects d. ASME Section II. torch brazing b.j d. hardness c. ASME Section II. braze welding d. all of the above A welding process commonly used to join light gage stainless steel tubing for critical applications is: a" SMAW b. AWSA5. flow brazing Which of the following contains ferrous base metal specifications? a" AWSDL2 h. slag or contaminants d the fact that it is faster than PI e" all of the above In general. both AC and DC methods c.

this means: F62 F63 F64 F65 F66 a b. RTandUT c MTandET d. slag inclusions c delayed cracking d. ET and VT If no information appears to the left of a groove weld symbol. c d. hydrogen will diffuse during welding and will not cause problems Which of the following results from impropel termination of the SMAW electrode and shrinking of the molten weld pool during welding? a. e no weld is required on that side the weld is to be complete joint penetration the weld is to be continuous for the entire length of the joint bevelling is not required weld size is to be determined by the welder 11 . ESW e. UT andET e. hardness b toughness c. tensile strength d fatigue strength e. undercut and overlap b. cracking and porosity c. torsional strength The presence of paint on the surface of a part will most greatly affect the results of which NDE method? a.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F61 Hydrogen in the molten weld metal can cause: a. SMAW b. SAW c. GMAW The material property that best describes its ability to withstand a static load is: a. incomplete penetr ation and incomplete fusion d. crater cracking e incomplete fusion Entrapped slag can result when using all of the following except: a. PTandMT h. FCAW d.. porosity and slag inclusions C. porosity h.

reinspecting repairs e" checking fit up 12 F70 F71 F72 . ductility e..Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F67 Which of the following is not easily detected using RT that is perpendicular to the weld center line? a" throat crack b. checking for proper electrode storage b verification of a welder's qualification c. d. incomplete joint penetration Dwell time is a term associated with which NDE method? a. F68 MT h. a crack with its depth parallel to radiation beam e. breaking ener gy h. fatigue strength h. witnessing all repairs d. an inert gas d" a vacuum chamber e. a granular flux b. tensile strength d. hardness Fracture toughness results will often be expressed in terms of: a. e. percent elongation d endurance limit e reduction of area Shielding of the molten pool in OFW is accomplished by: a. a flux paste The welding inspector is usually not responsible for which of the following? a. side wall incomplete fusion at a bevel angle of 35° d. toughness c. porosity c. tensile strength c. PT RT ET UT F69 The material property expressed in terms of an endurance limit is: a. c. a chemical reaction c.

a material' s hardness c. a material's conductivity b. tensile strength of the weld deposit b. flux chemistry The property of a material that best relates to its resistance to impact loading is: a" endur ance limit b. position suitable for electrode use ET can be used to detect which of the following? a. the tensile strength of the weld deposit b. fracture toughness d. the recommended type of current e. tensile strength e" ductility Of the following discontinuities. it can determine material strength 13 F74 F75 F76 F77 F78 .. a thin material's thickness d. undercut d. which is most likely to be a flaw caused during the manufacture of steel? a. inclusion slag Which of the following is considered to be an advantage of VT? a" discontinuities can be located and noted when they occur b. position the welder is qualified to weld in c. Operating characteristics d.. it is capable of detecting subsurface discontinuities c. welders can accept their own work d. lamination c. fatigue strength c. crack e. equipment can be expensive e. all of the above For an SMAW electrode designation E60X3 the "X" refers to: a. a material's heat treatment e. porosity b. the position in which the electrode can be used c the type of coating d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F73 The last digit of an SMA W electrode designation is an indication of: a. impact strength of the weld deposit e.

undertaking only those assignments for which the inspector is qualified h. GMAW c. hardness d. SMAW b. FCAW d. liquid penetrant testing c.. GTAW d. OAW c.. GMAW-S e.. leak testing b. verity conformance based on past experience Which of the following processes is performed primarily in the flat and horizontal positions? a SAW h. fatigue strength LT is the abbreviation for: a. making public statements as to the quality of a weldment c. weld length can be determined by the welder The welding process that requires a tubular electrode is: a. liquid test inspection d. reporting all discontinuities e.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F79 Which of the following is considered to be part of the welding inspector's responsibility to the public? a. toughness e. lender test method 14 FBD FB1 FB2 FB3 FB4 . lithium testing e. tensile strength b ductility c. the weld is to be complete joint penetration b no weld is required on that side c the weld is to be continuous for the entire joint length d.. signing for all inspections on the job d. no weldjoint preparation is required e. SAW e ESW The property relating to a metal's resistance to indentation is: a. SW A groove weld symbol with no information appearing to the right means: a.

e. e . AWS A5 1 through A5. h. F90 Which process uses a granular flux that can be manually added to the weld pool? a. none of the above The orientation of the probing energy source with respect to that of a flaw is considered to be a significant variable for which NDE method? a..30 b ASME Section II.. require that the parts be disassembled and properly assembled e.. UT F86 F87 FBB c. alloying d. deoxidation e. c. d. instruct the welder in how to overcome the problem c. d. d. ET MT all of the above that appears to the left of the weld symbol refers to: the weld length the weld size the electrode size the number of passes required none of the above FB9 Information a. allow welding to proceed if he feels that the welder can produce a satisfactory weld h. SMAW b. are stabilization c.. Part A c. GTAW ESW SW FCAW 15 .Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F85 Filler metal specifications are found in which of the following documents? a. the inspector should: a. all of the above When a weld joint preparation is found to be defective. AWSA30 d AWSA24 e AWS Dl J Section 2 The flux covering on an SMA W electrode provides which of the following? a gas shielding for the molten pool h. RT b. c. report the deficiency to the proper supervisory personnel d.. e.

API 1104 b... AWSDLI c. parallel magnetism e. ferrite c. AWS B2.. high density. appear as a well-defined. percent elongation and reduction of area b.1 16 .1 e. the image on the film of a completely through-cracked weld will: a. appear' as a white line A material's ductility is commonly expressed in terms of: a. bainite d austenite e.. fatigue \VIlO a. appear as a row of high density dark spots or dots e. toughness e. the hardest is: a. sharp line c appear as a row of low density light spots or dots d. e..Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F91 Of those microstructural constituents listed below. sharp line b. AWSD171 d. d. F92 F93 F94 is responsible fOI verifying welding procedures have been properly qualified? independent test lab contractor welding inspector architect engineer fOI F95 What MT technique could be used a. tensile strength and yield strength d.. martensite h. coil shot b. using a central conductor the discovery of longitudinal flaws? F96 Which code gives pre qualified status to certain weld joint configurations? a. longitudinal magnetization d. width and thickness c. appear as a well-defined. h. lightly shaded. circular magnetization c. darkly shaded. pearlite In radiography. low density. c. ANSI B31.

and date the occurrence in black ink of a high carbon steel from the austenitizing range will result in the F99 The rapid quenching formation of: a. size of weld required e. tensile strength b. length of weld required d. nick break test e. type of electrode to be used c. requiredjoint configuration F98 When a clerical mistake is made while completing an inspection report. macroetch The heat treatment in which a carbon steel's temperature is raised to the austenitizing lange. the inspector should: a..Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F97 Information that appears to the right of the weld symbol refers to the: a.. martensite c.. impact strength d. c. fatigue strength c. austenite F100 When an austenitized carbon steel is cooled to roomtemperature. initial.. d. d. cementite d. e. c.. process to be used h. an increase in tensile strength and a decrease in hardness c a decrease in tensile strength and an increase in hardness d an increase in ductility and a decrease in hardness e. will result in: a. pearlite h. h. ferrite e. e.. supply the proper information. and initial and date the occurrence in ink attach a note to the report explaining the reason for the change erase the error or use white out. stress relief F102 h. held for a prescribed time and then allowed to cool to room temperature while remaining in the furnace is referred to as: a. a decrease in hardness and an increase in ductility an increase in the cooling late F101 Which of the following is least affected by the surface finish of the specimen? a. an increase in hardness and a decrease in ductility b. erase the enol' and fill in the correct information cross out the error and supply the proper information line out the error with a single line. annealing normalizing tempering austenitizing 17 ..

lead.. b. in the direction of welding e. copper e . 05 in. always 5 in.. d e... parallel to the rolling direction h. b. as specified in the appropriate code c. 6 e as stated on the MTR F108 OI specification 18 . 5 in . c...Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F103 In which direction does a rolled plate of carbon steel usually exhibit its least amount of ductility? a. aluminum. the bend radius is: a.. normalizing c . held fOI a prescribed time and then allowed to cool to room temperature in still air is referred to as: a. aluminum d . annealing d. cast iron The welding process that uses a nonconsumable a. in the through thickness direction d. the welding inspector should: review the test results and maintain the test record reinspect to verify the defect accept the weld if its visual appearance is in compliance with the applicable code or specification require another inspection by a third party accept the weld since it is in a low stress region using the F104 F105 If equal thicknesses of steel.. and copper rue radiographed same exposure conditions. quenching e. a weld has been rejected by a qualified NDE technician. which material will result in the darkest radiograph? a. austenitizing h. cast iron... rolling direction has no significance regarding ductility When a.. lead h steel c.. GMAW b SAW c GTAW d. SMAW electrode is: F106 F107 The heat treatment in which the metal's temperature is raised to the austenitizing range. FCAW e... d 0. transverse to the rolling direction c. tempering In a guided bend test..

OFW with welding OCCUlting in the flat F110 F111 F112 F113 F114 The heat treatment for carbon steels in which the metal's temperature is raised to just below the lower transformation temperature and held for a prescribed time before allowing it to cool at a controlled rate is referred to as: a tempering h.. Welding must be done alternately on both the arrow and the other sides d. Welding must first be done on the arrow side b. To determine the extent of the surface and subsurface porosity that resulted. stress relieving d normalizing e. MT h. ESW h SAW c. which NDE method would be most effective? a. The broken arrow line segment points to that member which receives preparation e.. FCAW c. SMAW d. preheating 19 . an intermittent weld is required It is discovered that a GMA W mild steel weld was produced with a shielding gas containing excess moisture. PT e. RT c. supervising welding e determining the disposition of a radiographed part A break in the arrow line of a welding symbol has what significance? a. austenitizing c. VT d.. performing PT c positively identifying base materials d. FCAW e. Welding must first be done oJ0the other side c. SMAW d. ET Which welding process utilizes a vertical joint orientation position? a.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F109 An E 71 T -1 electrode designation is for which welding process? a PAW b. GMAW e SAW The A WS Certified Welding Inspector is responsible for: a welding b.

always include the welder's identification number? F117 F118 F119 MI' can be used effectively to inspect which of the following metals? a. in the tail b.' d.' below the reference line d in a note e to the left of the weld symbol The marking of a rejectable weld should: a" be clear and understandable to all involved b be made with a steel impression stamp c. yield point b.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F115 The position on a metal's stress-strain plastic is the: a. always be in red e. SMAW GMAW e. above the reference line c. d e welds on A36 steel steel welds on stainless steel plate welds on aluminum Welds on all alloy materials materials properly qualified for use with E308 electrodes F120 Of the welding processes listed below. 20 . endurance limit d. OAW b. modulus of elasticity c. Young's Modulus curve referring to its change in behavior from elastic to F116 Low-hydrogen electrodes can be properly identified by which digit of a classification a" first digit b second digit c first and second together d. FCAW SAW C. c. note the proper repair procedure d. second to last digit e. transformation temperature e. b. the one most commonly having the highest deposition rate is: a. last digit All welding symbol information referring to the arrow side of the joint is found: a.

and weld symbol d. color coding b. arrow. dimensions. elastic limit e all of the above Which of the following is not an acceptable method for control of raw materials? a. reference line. produce a wide heat-affected zone e diffuse hydrogen The tensile test can be used to provide values for which of the following? a. is not specified therefore may be determined by the welder e" must be found in the WPS F126 SM~ Figure 1 21 . first in. can be determined from the symbol d. AWS QC-7 a. result in the formation of martensite d. F122 F123 F124 F125 All welding symbols require which of the following basic elements in their construction? a.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F121 The use of preheat on a medium carbon steel weld test plate will perform all of the following except: a. weld symbol. arrow. reduce distortion b. and supplementary data e" reference line only The size of the weld represented in Figure 1: a" is not important b. cannot be determined directly from the symbol c. reference line. first out d location segregation e bar coding In what document ar'e the duties and responsibilities of a CWI described": AWS DLl b. reduce the possibility of hydrogen cracking c. arrow. yield point b. AWSA30 c ANSIZ49J d AWS QC-l e. and tail b. alpha-numeric coding c. modulus of elasticity d. reference line and arrow c reference line. ultimate tensile strength c.

0047 in d 0. e. e" bead cracking is primarily caused by: a source of hydrogen restraint excessive preheat fatigue excessive loading the F132 22 . automatic mechanical e" What position is depicted in Figure 2? a. c 0.47 in e. all of the above A SMA W weld was produced in which the welder failed to properly clean between passes in a multipass weld. ET SMA W is typically used in which type of application? semiautomatic a" b machine c manual d. b 47 in.047 in. 6G b 5G c 6F F128 F129 RESTRICTION RING F130 d. PT e. b c d. MT d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F127 Welding symbol information provided in Figure 1 requires: a.. 6GR 5GR Figure 2 F131 Using the appropriate conversion factor provided in the chart on page 41. determine approximate diameter in inches for an electrode that measures 12 mm. weld-alI-around c. field welding b. a fillet weld d. the use of shielded metal arc welding e. 0. VT c. Which nondestructive test would best reveal the flaws that may be present in the completed weld? a RT h. 472 in Under a. a...

machine d. from the arrow side Which of the following discontinuities are associated with shrinkage stresses in the through thickness direction of thick plate? a. crater cracks b lamellar tears c. GTAWandGMAW d. it must be done in an inert gas atmosphere d. GMAWand FCAW h. FCAWand SMAW e. in order to achieve capillary action large root opening is required C. inert gases may be substituted for oxygen Which of the following welding processes commonly use a constant current power source? a. ultrasonic inspection is to be performed: a on the back weld only b. on the single V grcove. Sl\1A. none of the above Which of the welding techniques below describes a welding process in which the filler metal feeding is machine operated while the joint travel speed and guidance are the responsibility of the welder? a. on the entire length of the other side weld c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F133 Which of the following is a correct statement about brazing? a the base metal is not melted b. manual c. SAWandSMAW The first operation required by the symbol in Figure 3 is: a. automatic e. from the arrow side e. on 10% of the weld length d.. semiautomatic b. ultrasonic inspection of the base metal b visual inspection of joint preparation c. toe cracks d. root cracks e. the filler metal melts at a temperature below 800°F c. mechanized 23 F134 F135 Figure 3 F136 F13'7 F138 . welding a V-groove from the other-side of the joint d welding a backing weld from the arrow-side of the joint e backgouging and back welding nom the arrow-side of the joint For Figure 3. Wand GTAW c.

Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F139 The welding symbol shown ill Figure 4 depicts: a. the axis of the pipe and the plane of the weld are at 45° angles with the vertical plane e. a V-groove weld arrow-side followed by a back weld c. 114 (7/16) 114 (7/16) e none of the above F141 The width of the cut produced during a cutting process is referred to as: a. a backing weld other-side followed by a V -groove side b. the axis of the pipe is vertical and the plane of the weld is horizontal b the axis of the pipe is horizontal and the plane of the weld is vertical c. root opening h.' bevel d bevel angle e chamfer F142 For the 2G position in pipe welding: a. a V-groove weld arrow-side with melt-through d a bevel groove weld made one-half the way around of a pipe e.. c Figure 5 d. the axis of the pipe is horizontal and the pipe is rotated 24 . a V-groove weld arrow-side with the root finished contour weld arrowother-side the diameter to a convex Figure 4 F140 Which of the following symbols correctly describes the joint configuration shown in Figure 5? a 7/16(1/4) 7/16 (1/4) b. kerf c. the pipe is not fixed d.

d. b. e" 1 in. 4 in.. b. 2in. the electrical resistance heating of the molten slag c. e continuous down the length of the joint The pitch of the other side weld in Figure 6 is: a" 114 in. deposited every 6 in a" 1/4 5/16 Figure 6 F147 The length of the other side weld in Figure 6 is: a 1 in.3.8 cfh 466 efh F145 It is suspected that a GMA W weld was produced in an area where there was an excessive draft. a. b. CUII'entpassing through the filler wire U sing the appropriate conversion factor provided in the chart on page 41. PT b MT c. 466 cfh F144 h.6db 10.38 cfh 10.s c 2 in.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F143 During operation. determine the approximate cubic feet per hom (db) for a flow rate of 22 liters per minute.. 4 in. Which nondestructive test would best reveal the internal discontinuities which may have resulted? a.. the consumable guide tube melting d.. F146 The size of the aIIOW side weld in Figure 6 is: 114 in. the arc b. e F148 25 . c. c 5/16 in" 1 in. 6 in. d e" 46. CUII'entpassing through the base metal e. RT UT none of the above d e. the heat for electroslag welding is provided by: a. 5116 in 1 in. c d. d 6 in. .

. shrinkage of the molten pool d. underfill of the crater e. FCAW F152 F153 CONTACT TUBE NOZZLE WELD METAL --DIRECTION OFTRAVEL---- Figure 7 26 . none of the above Crater cracks can be the result of: a. it is the welder's choice In order to learn the exact location of a subsurface flaw in three directions. C. poor welding technique b. groove angle C. abrupt termination of welding c. c. RT b. the desired contour must be as-welded d it should be found in the code specified e. root opening b. it is the inspector's choice b. d. GMAW e. the best NDE method would be: a. F150 MT IT UT VT F151 The surface of a member included in the groove of a weldment best describes: a. it is the fabricator's choice c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F149 If a contour symbol is used but the finishing method is not specified on the welding symbol: a. all of the above Figure 7 depicts which welding process? a" SAW b SMAW c PAW d.' weld interface d groove face e.

none of the above The dimension "D" in Figure 8 is referred to as: a. U-groove e. J-groove The dimension "A" in Figure 9 refers to: a. weld interface d.. fusion face h. root penetration b weld penetration c. edge. determine the approxdegrees Celsius for a preheat temperature of 225°F. depth of fusion d joint penetration e side wall penetration F159 c Figure 9 27 . c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F154 The boundaries indicated by "A" in Figure 8 are: a.7°C 107°C applicable for a butt joint? F 158 Which of the following welds is not considered a. b. fusion line The weld interface in Figure 8 is indicated by: a "A" b. none of the above Using imate a. fusion zone c. "B" c. fusion line b depth of fusion c. e the appropriate conversion factor provided in the chart on page 41. plug c. depth of fusion d weld interface e.flange d. d. 225°C 107°C F155 Figure 8 F156 F157 43'rC 1O. V -groove b. fusion face e. "D" e. '''C'' d.

. F161 groove weld in Figure 9 has been properly welded. flux backing d backing weld e. 26 kg e. determine the approximate kilograms of weld metal that will be deposited in 6 hours of continuous welding a. d e. the dimension "D" is referred to as: underfill because the weld is left unfilled lack of penetration because weld size is inadequate partial joint penetration because weld size is indicated complete joint penetration because the joint is filled incomplete joint penetration because the joint should have been filled F162 Which of the following is not a type of weld joint? a lap b. c. wet electrodes will most likely cause: undercut overlap underfill porosity all of the above F163 F164 Which of the following is considered to be an acceptable way to provide backing for a V-groove weld in a carbon steel butt joint? a. weld size and root penetration c. copper backing bar b ceramic backing c. 6 kg d. all of the above F165 A welder deposits an average of 12 pounds of weld metal per hour" Using the appropriate conversion factor provided in the chart on page 41. c.darnentals Examination F1 4)0 The dimension "c" in Figure 9 identifies: a. using SMA W. Tc fillet d. 5 kg b 33 kg c. butt e" edge When a h.' d e.w~lding Inspection Technology Fu . depth of fusion d complete joint penetration e" incomplete joint penetration If the a" b. 37 kg 28 . joint penetration and weld size h.

1. b c. what is the heat input fOI this situation? Heat input == J/in .Welding lnspectlon Technology Fundamentals Examination F166 A single-wire. ignore it. 600 amps. h. VT RT d e. it has a columnar microstructure. 14. accept the weld e. F167 2. Jlin = VxAx60 Travel Speed . it is the location of most defects d the design calculations cannot be checked e. what is the appropriate action? a.000 J/in. F170 UT MT PT The design strength of a fillet weld is always based on the throat dimension because: a. since it is a nonrelevant indication h. If an MT indication is noted at the toe of a fillet weld that exhibits an excessively convex profile. it is a theory of failure that cannot be supported by actual laboratory testing 29 . which is more prone to cracking b.400 Jlin.152. 110.000 J/in.400 J/in.(ipm) c d. e. none of the above The pipe welding test position in which the axis of the pipe is horizontal and the pipe is rotated so that welding takes place at or near the top is designated as: a. it is the shortest failure path through the weld c. and is traveling at 8 inches per minute Using the formula provided on pages 40 and 41. 2F IG 3G e F169 6GR The most efficient NDE method fOI discovery of undercut on the face of a weld is: a. reject the weld c correct the excess convexity and retest d. a. F168 2G b c d. submerged arc welding machine is operating at 32 volts... 144 x lOS Jlin.

. attenuation c couplant d cable e. GMAW SMAW SAW ESW SHIELDING ATMOSPHERE F174 Light-colored areas within the weld zone in a radiograph could represent: a. tungsten inclusions and meltthrough c. a backing bar d. no root opening e" CPJ unless otherwise specified PENETRATION DEPTH BASE METAL -DIRECTION OF WELDING-- Figure 10 F175 F176 The substance used in UT to aid in the transmission of sound from the search unit to the workpiece and back is called: a. c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F171 Arc strikes are discontinuities most commonly associated with: a ESW b. solvent b. backgouging b. a spacer to hold critical root openings What welding process is depicted in Figure 1O? a" ELECTRODE COVERING F173 FCAW b. e. porosity and tungsten inclusions e. underfill and excessive reinforcement A single V-groove weld always requires: a. special welding processes b. high deposition rate processes d weld to be deposited hom both sides of the joint e. SMAW d e" OAW GMAW F172 Double-groove welds in butt joints always require: a. backgouging c. d. SAW c. porosity and trapped slag b. melt-through and trapped slag d. special welding processes c. transducer 30 .

contamination c too little shielding gas flow d too much shielding gas flow e. incomplete joint penetration d slag inclusions C. h. e. RT MT PT ET F180 Porosity in GMA W can be caused by: a drafts h.. 2F C. c. leg d toe e.. UT are best revealed using: F1'79 h. determine the approximate am weight of a 30 pound roll of welding wire.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F177 Using kilogr a. none of the above Figure 11 31 .6 kg F178 The junction of the weld face with the exterior surface of the base metal is referred to as the: a face b root c. edge Internal plate laminations a. all of the above The overhead fillet position is designated as: a.. d.15 kg 13. c. 3F d. the appropriate conversion factor from the chart on page 41. 136kg 66 kg 136 kg 66. 5F b 4F c. F181 IF F182 The radiograph in Figure 11 shows: a crack b incomplete fusion c. d. e..

d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F183 The welding process depicted 12 is: a. GMAW b. tungsten inclusions due to poor tungsten grinding c. EWTH-2 number for GT AW? b c. e. the 'line' separating weld metal from base metal is called: a. GTAW e PAW in Figure DIRECTION OF WELDING BACK CAP FILLER MET MOLTEN WELD METAL Figure 12 F184 The radiograph in Figure 13 shows: a. AS. porosity due to inadequate shielding d longitudinal crack due to stress e lack of penetration due to poor starts and stops Figure 13 F185 Which of the following is an example of an electrode classification a.l A5 .. b... e the fusion face the depth of fusion the depth of penetration the weld interface none of the above 32 .. c. SMAW d. 9 E70l8 ER70S-2 F186 In a groove-weld cross section. slag inclusions due to improper fitup b. SAW c. d.

a crack c. incomplete fusion d.76 ipm F191 The defect noted in the radiograph in Figure 15 is: a. 50.. c. 5G 6G F190 Using the appropriate conversion factor provided in the chart on page 41 determine the approximate feed speed in inches per minute for a wire fed at a speed of 120 rnmJs. 2G 2F d.834 ipm d. 2. porosity e. e. transverse cracks b crater cracks c. excessive amperage Figure 14 F189 In pipe groove welding.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F187 In the radiograph in Figure 14. 283 ipm c. the arrows point to: a.. 1G b. slag inclusions Figure 15 33 . 5076 ipm e.. incomplete penetration b. a.. 283 ipm b. toe cracks F188 Incomplete fusion can be caused by: a not preheating b not filling the joint completely c. improper gas shielding d poor fitup e.. the 4SO fixed position is designated as: a. longitudinal cracks d underbead cracks e.

common cause of centerline weld cracks is: the use of preheat a highly restrained weld joint using the wrong polarity stress relief heat treatment the presence of incomplete sidewall fusion 34 F193 Figure 16 F194 F195 F196 F197 . c. the theoretical throat b. theoretical weld throat e. effective weld throat "F" in Figure 16 points to: a. concavity One a. d... the weld penetration c. h. weld leg e. the joint root e" none of the above The dimension "C" in Figure 16 shows: a. the effective throat c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F192 The "A" climension in Figure 16 is referred to as: a. leg and weld size e. convexity The dimension "E" in Figure 16 refers to: a the actual throat b. the root penetration b. the weld root d. the actual throat c the effective throat d. convexity d.. weld size e. e. the actual thruat and the theoretical throat d. actual weld throat weld size b c weld leg d. convexity The dimension "D" in Figure 16 is called: a" the theoretical throat and the effective throat b' the effective throat and the actual throat c.

(psi) for a yield strength of 198 Mf'a a.136 psi d" 41. e. F200 PT MT UT none of the above Liquid penetrant testing is not recommended when inspecting which of the following materials? a" Aluminum plate that has been chemically cleaned b. determine the approximate for a tensile strength of 65. e. a 448. intermittent b c. 2. determine the approximate pounds per square in.871 psi Which NDE method will best reveal subsurface porosity? a" RT F199 b c.000 9425 x 106 1 in.425. d. below the surface only the central conductor method can be used to detect flaws in 1 in material Which of the following conditions can cause slag inclusions in a weld? a.871 x 1()3psi b. a casting that has been sand blasted e a weld test plate with defects removed by machining Using the conversion factors provided in the chart on page 41. d.000 psi. careful interpass cleaning of subsequent layer and beads of FeA W c insufficient preheat of test plate d insufficient shielding gas flow in GTA W e" improper fitup of GMA W test plates 35 .. insufficient groove angle in an SMA W single V-grcove weld b.36 psi e 2. F202 448 x 108 448 9. Stainless steel pipe as welded by GTA W d. e. 4.' d.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F198 Using the appropriate conversion factor from the chart on page 41.000 MFa F201 b. 2. Steel weld test plates brushed clean c. below the surface will appear how as com- An MT indication of a subsurface discontinuity pared to a surface discontinuity? a. c. F203 sharper less distinct 'MT cannot detect a subsurface flaw 1 in.871 x 104 psi c.

d.. the weld throat h. the effective throat c. the theoretical throat d weld size e convexity The dimension "D" in Figure 17 is: a' the actual throat h. preheat temperature need not be measured 36 E F206 Figure 17 F207 F208 F209 . h. is meant by the term essential variable? Data on a WPS that if changed during production will render a WPS disqualified. fillet weld profile The dimension "A" in Figure 17 is the: a. convexity h.. groove weld size e.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F204 What a. c. 2-3 in hom the weld groove e. point of tangency d.. F205 The dimension "S" in Figure 17 is: a.. from the weld groove c. in the weld groove b 12 in. where the arc will be initiated d. face reinforcement d weld size e. e.. Data on an inspection report that if changed render the report disqualified. Data on an MTR that is essential to the chemistry of the material. overlap The dimension "E" in Figure 17 is: a. the recommended amperage and voltage for welding as published by the manufacturer describes what should be included in a WPS . the theoretical throat d weld size e. the actual throat h.. the weld size c. weld leg Where should the preheat temperature be measured? a. concavity c. the effective throat c..

but its condition should be noted in the inspection report c always a defect d. crack b.. 2758 e 275. undercut d. c. 27..weldment What weld discontinuity is shown in the radiograph in Figure 18? a. porosity c. ask that the welder use another process How a b.758 d. determine the pressure in kPa. incomplete fusion b. ask that the welder be terminated c.758 b. e.Welding Inspection 'Technology Fundamentals Examination F210 A discontinuity is: a always rejectable h.8 Which of the following discontinuities a. a" 2. an indication that renders a part unusable e an interruption in the uniformity of a. 2. incomplete j oint penetration c porosity d burn through e. does a welder become certified? certification can only be obtained by taking a weld test given by a eWI by giaduating from a welding school by having documented proof of 5 years in welding industry by documenting successful completion of a weld test according to the requirements applicable standard certification can only be obtained by taking a weld test at an approved test center F215 d. require requalification d instruct the welder in proper techniques e. the welding inspector should: a inspect his work more critically b.580 c. of an 37 . tungsten inclusions An oxygen regulator is set fOI 40 psi Using the appropriate conversion factor from the chart on page 41.. never rejectable. all of the above F211 F212 Figure 18 F213 can be caused by poor welding technique? F214 If a welder is continually turning out rejectable work. overlap e.

0 sq .. centerline crack Which of the following measurements a..:s~. b.61 conversion F220 factor ITem the chart on page 41. crater crack c. and broke at a tensile load of 24.. 565 Pa 565 MPa 5.d... undercut Using the appropriate 21 ipm to mm/s. d..kPa 38 . tungsten inclusions d porosity e.65 Pa 565 kPa 5.):. load and pressure When a._... c.affected zone and can result from excess moisture in the weld zone? a. 8. underbead crack d porosity e. slag inclusions c..) a . c.9 c.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F216 Which discontinuity occurs in the heat. lack of fusion ___ length and thickness c width and length d. convert a travel speed of F221 Using the appropriate conversion factor from the chart on page 41. e..088 e.65o...9 b. mass and volume b. 0..-lb...-(. 49. 88.. throat crack b. are taken from a tensile specimen to determine area? F217 F218 establishing a PQR? the type and number of tests required is determined by the applicable standard a face and root bend will qualify all plates testing requirements are determined by the contractor and approved by the inspector destructive testing is required only if a problem is suspected a weld test plate does not have to be mechanically tested to establish a PQR is not associated with GT A W? F219 Which of the following discontinuities a. 0._ __ = Tensile strength (psi) Area of specimen (sq .600 lbs .88 d. a.. b. d e. calculate the ultimate tensile strength in MPa of a tensile specimen having a cross-sectional area of 0. width and thickness e.

1 API 1104 ASNT SNT-TC-IA AS:ME Section VI AS:ME Section IX 39 . tungsten inclusions d. cracks The CAWI: a. c. d. performs all inspections the same as a CWI e all of the above NDE technicians are certified in accordance with: a. C.. AWS D1.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination F222 Which of the following discontinuities are not found with GMAW? a. incomplete fusion h. cannot inspect critical weldments d. inspects weldments only under the direction of a CWI or SCWI c. incomplete penetration e. porosity c. is solely responsible for determination of a weldment's conformance to acceptable standards b. F223 F224 b.

- = = Joules (energy) welding voltage welding amperage inches pel minute Carbon Equivalent CE = %C + %Mn + %Ni + %Cu+ %Mo 6 15 13 14 40 .Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination WIT-Useful Ar'ea of Square or Rectangle Area Ar'ea Of' r= Formulae length x width 01: Area = width x thickness Circle Area X radius- > 11: or: AI-ea= 11: X --- diameter4 or: Area = 0.ID2) = Load at specified offset Original cross-sectional area Welding Heat Input It _ V xA x 60 Travel Speed (ipm) where: T V A Ipm = ::::..Original Gage Length Original Gage Length x 100 Percent Reduction of Area % Reduction of Area = Original Area .7854 (OD2 .7854 x diameter- Percent Elongation % Elongation = Final Gage Length .Final Area Original Area x 100 Tensile Strength General UTS= Pmax Area where: P max = load to break specimen Area = specimen's original cross-sectional area UTS for full section pipe Yield Strength YS = Pmax 0. Ill.

501 0.205 4 .362 7.452 0454 2.. mm ill..32)11 .895 X 10-3 0145 1.. 19 7 2 .205 6..454 2..119 x 10-3 x 102 kg/hr lb/hr l/min flow rate heat input linear measure ft3fh l/min J/in x 10-1 ft3fh Tim J/in.4 3.423 2.2 ill From: Multiply By: 6. Property" area dimensions current density deposition rate To Convert '2 In.281 0. mm- Customary and 51 To: mm? . Tim in.37 2 .048 3..550 2 X X 102 10-3 Nin2 Azrnm? Alin Nmm2 lb/hr kg/hI 1550 6.452 1.8 cae x 1.937 3. mm 39.450 x 102 14..50 69 x 10-2 ft mm mass pressure -. ) 8 + 32 MPa psi 6895 1450 4233 2.. 95 8 6.Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination Welding Usage Conversion Chart-U. 54 X 10-2 25..S.362 x x 10-3 102 mmls in/min ton mmls in/min x 10-1 x 10-3 41 . mm ft kg lb kPa MPa pSI psi psi bar °e x 10-2 x 102 x 10-3 lb kg psi pSI kPa MPa bar pSI temperature tensile strength travel speed vacuum wire feed speed OF °C psi MPa in/min mmls Pa in/min mmls OF (OF .

Welding Inspection Technology Fundamentals Examination ANSWER KEY FI F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 FlO Fl1 F12 F13 FI4 FIS F16 FI7 F18 FI9 F20 F21 F22 F23 F24 F25 F26 F27 F28 F29 F30 F31 F32 F33 F34 F35 F36 F37 F38 F39 F40 F41 F42 F43 FM c a c a b a c b c c a a e b b e c d e c a b b d e c c d c e e d b b b a d c b c c b c c b F45 F46 a F47 F48 F49 F50 F5I F52 F53 F54 F55 F56 F57 F58 F59 F60 F61 F62 F63 F64 F65 F66 F67 F68 F69 F70 F71 F72 F73 F74 F75 F76 F77 F78 F79 F80 F81 F82 F83 F84 F85 F86 F87 F8S F89 F90 F91 F92 a d d c a b d c c e b e b c b d e c a b c b a a b c c e b c b a a a c c c a a e c e b c a b F93 F94 F95 F96 F97 F98 F99 F100 FlOI F102 FlO3 F104 F105 F106 FlO7 FlO8 FlO9 FIlO FIl1 Fl12 FI13 F114 FIl5 F116 FIll F118 F119 F120 FI21 FI22 F123 Fl24 FI25 F126 Fl27 FI28 FI29 F130 F131 F132 F133 F134 Fl35 F136 F137 F138 a c b b c c b a d b c a c c b b b c d b a c a e c a a c c e c d b b e a c d a a a b c b b a 42 F139 FI40 FI4I F142 Fl43 FI44 F145 F146 F147 F148 F149 F150 FI51 F152 FI53 F154 FI55 F156 FI57 F158 F159 FI60 Fl61 F162 F163 FI64 F165 FI66 FI67 F168 F169 F170 F171 FI72 F173 F174 FI75 F176 FI77 FI78 Fl79 FI80 Fl81 Fl82 FI83 FIS4 c b b a b b c b c b c d d e a d c b b b c a c c d e b c c c a b c d c b e c e d F185 FI86 FI87 FI88 Fl89 F190 FI91 Fl92 F193 F194 FI95 F196 F197 FI98 FI99 F200 F201 F202 F203 F204 F205 F206 F207 F208 F209 F210 F211 F212 F213 F214 F215 F216 F217 F218 F219 F220 F221 F222 F223 F224 a d a d e b d b d a b e b b a d c d a a b a a b d e e e e c d c d a b b b c b c a e b c d e .