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If the converter failed at 98%, try to power on the converter VM.

If it BSODs wi th Stop 7b shut the VM down, right click on it and click "reconfigure". If you a re using Converter Standalone, click Configure Machine and point to that VM. Please find the web-ex summary for your future reference. - unable to perform p2v and observed that it fails at 1%. - observed VSS error and found it is a know issue with Microsoft . - After installing workaround from Microsoft able to start he conversion process . - KB article : (VSS Error) - For some of the p2v conversion which failed at 98% from and found the solution will be to remove the /3GB from the boot.ini file - For some of the p2v conversion which failed at 99% with the error message "fai led to reconfigure the destination VM" copied in the driver-cache fol der and started the conversion Please let me know in-case any issues.

scp AMRNDHW1300*.vmdk root@NDH1ESXF01:/vmfs/volumes/NDH1FARMF-LUN17/AMRNDHW1300



findstr KB2536276