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Case Study

ANT 20 – BER tester setup
Optical Network Product Department.


NE1 Space

BER tester (ANT20)

Figure 1

1. Connect the test circuit as shown in Figure 1
2. Configure services as required by test environment.

For SDH, create cross connect as shown in Figure 2. Make the hardware loopback at far
end using LC-LC cable at the SDH port on SLI board.

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Make the hardware loopback at NE 2 (using BNC male jumper cable in that case) at desired port at E1 panel Figure 3 Page 2 of 10 . create cross-connect as shown in Figure 3. Case Study Figure 2 While for PDH.

Figure 5 4. Case Study RX TX TX RX TX RX Figure 4 3. Note that normally for PDH we use the copper cable while SDH we use the fiber cable. Connect the Tx port of Ant 20 to Rx port of E1 interface as shown in Figure 4 at NE1. Click the Ant-20 icon on the desktop (Figure 5) Page 3 of 10 .

Refer to Figure 7 at Signal structure window. Page 4 of 10 . click to Signal Structure>Edit to setup for either SDH or PDH. Case Study Figure 6 5. There are 3 instruments to be selected normally from the list as follows (Figure 6) :- z Signal structure z Performance Analysis z Anomaly / Defect Analyzer Figure 7 6.

don’t forget to click TxÆRx button to ensure the same signal go through the system and come back. Page 5 of 10 . Click the button from left to right. Figure 8 shows the setup for PDH signal structure. Edit : ITU-T Mode : Normal Interface : Electrical PDH : 2M PDH mode : Unfrm. Test Pattern : PRBS15 After click this entire buttons. Case Study Figure 8 7.

Case Study Figure 9 To run the test for 15 minutes. at ANT-20 windows click to Measurement>Setting and set the time to 15 minutes (Figure 9) Page 6 of 10 .

Figure 10 shows the setup for SDH signal structure. Case Study Change to PRBS23 Figure 10 8. don’t forget to click TxÆRx button to ensure the same signal go through the system and come back. Edit : ITU-T Mode : Normal Interface : Optical SDH : STM 1 and AU4 Mapping : VC12 PDH : 2M PDH mode : Unfrm. Page 7 of 10 . Test Pattern : PRBS23 After click this entire buttons.

Figure 12 Page 8 of 10 . perform the BER test for 24 hours. Then. Case Study From Figure 11. we can see the difference from PDH setup. Make sure that the EFS (Error Free Seconds) are counting every seconds as Figure 12 and the others are not counting. Figure 11 9. Observe the result for a moment before leave the test gear running a day.

Then. if no bit error generated. After a day. Case Study 10. and the tester stops automatically. go to the tool bar click to Print… to print the result by using a floppy disc. Page 9 of 10 . the EFS = 86400 (24hr x 60 min x 60 sec).

ANT-20 . Page 10 of 10 .Performance Analysis 1 Start of measurement: 06/23/08 15:40:18.0. Here is the example of Passed testing result. Case Study 10. PATH ALLOCATION.50000 % SES Threshold: 2400 B/s UAS Limit: 0 G.0.0 End of measurement : 06/24/08 15:40:18.0.NEAR END: TSE.00000 %.50000 %.100.00000 %.18.. EB. UAS. BBE.0.Accepted.00000 %. PATH UAS. SES.826: OOS. ES.86400..00000 %. VERDICT.. EFS..0 Allocation: