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The Future is In The Cloud - Collaboration, Datacenter,
Security and More from Cisco
Wednesday,  May  18th
1:30  p.m.  ET

Live  Via  WebEx
from  Your  Office  
(or  tablet  or  smartphone)

Cloud.    Everyone  is  talking  about  it.    Are  you  struggling  to  determine
how  (and  whether)  to  leverage  cloud  services  like  disaster  recovery,
collabora=on  or  cloud  infrastructure  as  a  service  in  your  business?
Join  us  for  this  event  to  beKer  understand  what  Cisco  is  doing  from  a
cloud  perspec=ve,  what  it  can  mean  for  your  business  and  how  you
can  capitalize  on  Cisco’s  cloud  services  and  applica=ons  in  your
We  will  provide  you  with  an  introduc=on  to  cloud  compu=ng
concepts  as  well  as  cover  the  following  topics:

What  You  Can  Expect

Join  us  and  learn  about:
What  are  Public,  Private
and  Hybrid  Clouds
What  is  Applica=on
Centric  Infrastructure?
What  is  Intercloud?

What  is  The  Cloud  and  the  Business  Case  for  The  Cloud

What  is  Meraki?

Cisco’s  Cloud  Strategy

What  is  Spark?

Cisco  Powered  Cloud  Services  including:  Servers,  Backup,
Disaster  Recovery,  Collabora=on  and  more  all  hosted  in  the

What  is  IOT/IOE?

Cisco  Cloud  Solu=ons  you  can  leverage  today  including:  Cisco
WebEx,  Spark,  Meraki,  Security  and  more
We hope that you will join us!

Attend via WebEx from the comfort of your desk or mobile device!