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P. Viswanadha Sarma
Head, PO & SM
Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR,

SHAR/P&PO/visits/ 2014

Telephone: 08623-225183
FAX: 08623-225056


Sub: Permission for Visiting SDSC SHAR Facilities – Regarding.
This has reference to your email/letter dated. 21.10.2014 on the above subject. In this
regard, kindly note that you may visit the Centre as per the date and time given below:
* Date of Visit
* Reporting time
* No. of persons permitted

: 20.11.2014 (Thursday)
: 09.30 AM
: 72 (B.Tech ECE Students + Bus Crew)

Please note the following:
1. All the visitors permitted need to show Identity Proof.
2. Kindly confirm your programme by FAX (08623-225056). Also send one copy of the
list of all the visiting members (including the bus crew), giving their names, father’s
name, age, contact address etc., either by e-mail or by FAX. You are also requested
to give the name and contact Cell number of the visit coordinator from your side,
for communicating any message, if required.
3. Due to security reasons, bags/baggage’s/cell phones/cameras/any other electronic
gadgets are not permitted. Hence, please do not bring them.
4. If you are planning to bring your food, we cannot permit the vessels inside the Range.
While you go to see the Technical Facilities, kindly see that the food containers are
unloaded at Library Complex and keep a person to take care of them.
5. We have very limited private catering services, and hence, you may book your lunch in
advance with Hostel Canteen (Phone No.08623 222723 / 09704993450
/09550578758). If they regret to book due to excess demand, you may depend on
the hotels at Sullurupeta (nearest town), through which you reach this place.
6. If no confirmation is received (along with the visitor’s list) from your side on or
before November 14th 2014, we presume that you have dropped your programme.
7. Please go through the General Guidelines printed over-leaf.
Should you need any further information/help, please do not hesitate to write/contact us.
Wishing you a happy visit.
Yours faithfully,

(P. Viswanadha Sarma)
Head, PO & SM
Balaji Institute of Engineering and Management Studies
Near Ramannapalem, North Rajupalem (Vi),
Kodavalur (M),
SPSR Nellore – 524 366
E – Mail:

As the facilities are spread over a vast area. a threat of Honeybee sting exists. We conduct tours inside the range in batches. so that your trip is comfortable and fruitful. followed by a film show on our activities.30 hrs. Please make your own arrangements for transport. please ensure no foreigner is included in your team. when you surrender the acknowledgement slip to them.2340. if for any reason that day is suddenly declared as a holiday by Central Govt. to avoid unnecessary delays at the check post. • Be Alert and Safe: . please note the following. • SDSC SHAR is open to visitors with prior appointment only. then immediately inform on phone – 5530. • SDSC SHAR (Sriharikota) is connected by a 17 km road to Sullurupeta town. Video Equipment and Cassettes at Security Main Gate and take an acknowledgement before entering SHAR Centre.. You are advised to be here latest by 09. Your programme starts with a briefing session. As such. These will be returned to you at the time of your departure. to complete the visit. • . * Entry permission given is only for Indian Nationals and hence. If any Honeybee attack. • Your visit is tentatively fixed for the date given overleaf.. Transistors. please check whether your transporter is having valid inter-state permit for the vehicle. However. which is on the `Chennai-Kolkata' National Highway. you may have to cover about 50 km to go round the range itself. like Tape Recorders.As SDSC SHAR being a forest. • Lodging facilities are not available. Your are requested to surrender all types of electronic equipment. may please be avoided on the day of visit. do not plan to stay overnight at Sriharikota. If you are coming from other states.GENERAL INFORMATION & GUIDE LINES FOR VISITORS In this connection. Please reserve one seat in your vehicle for our staff member who will join you as "guide" from the Library building during the trip. • SDSC SHAR Management or its officials will not be responsible for any loss/damage/accidents to the visitors during their visit to this Centre.2470. On the day of your visit. spares and other accessories of your vehicle for security verification and endorsement at the main gate. requested not to wear bright/highly colourful dresses deodorants/Body Sprays/cents etc. • Please collect the entry permit from the Security Officer at the main gate and come to the `LIBRARY COMPLEX'. It takes about 3 hrs. • Photography is strictly prohibited. • Please keep ready a list (in duplicate) of all the tools. Cameras. please note that your visit stands cancelled automatically.2415.