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Light A Spark with Cisco Spark - Voice, Video, Meetings,

Messaging in the Cloud

Wednesday, Mar 9th

1:30 p.m. ET

Live Via WebEx

from Your Oce
(or tablet or smartphone)

Cisco Spark can help you

communicate and collaborate in
new and exciDng ways.
Send messages, share les, and
meet with dierent teams, all in
one place
Unlimited virtual rooms
Persistent and secure messaging
and le sharing
Face-to-face meeCngs with screen

Cisco Spark is an exciCng new cloud-based service oering for

customers. Spark is a simple, secure and complete
CollaboraDon as a Service (CaaS) oering delivering unied
messaging, meeDng, and calling capabiliDes that are hosted in
the Cisco CollaboraCon Cloud and delivered by Cisco cerCed
Cisco Spark is a mobile-rst cloud service that integrates all of
the communicaCons services you need into a single common
experience. Based on the Cisco Spark applicaCon, Cisco Spark
enables users to iniCate or parCcipate in any type of call or

HD Audio and Video
Mobile App / Client
Desk and Room Devices

meeCng with a common interface and set of user controls from

the oce, the conference room, at home or on the road.
Join us to learn more about this new and exciDng oering from

Attend via WebEx from the comfort of your desk or mobile device!