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ASA Test Drive

ASA with FirePOWER Services Test Drive

The ASA with FirePOWER Services Test Drive provides you a hands-on opportunity to explore the
capabilities of Ciscos Next Generation Firewall.
Leveraging adaptive, threat-focused protection across the attack continuum
Review the ASA with FirePOWER Services solution architecture
Understand components of Ciscos next-generation firewall solution
Class Time: 9AM - 4PM PT

E xplore cost impact scenarios and savings

Format: Lab & Lecture

Gain visibility into past and on-going threats, and remediation capabilities

What to Bring: A laptop to

particpate in hands on labs.

Test Drive Benefits: Attendees will evaluate how the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services solution

Lunch will be served.



protects your business in the new era of advanced, persistent threats. You will explore the business
and technical advantages of a NGFW environment, understand new deployment options and proper
positioning of solution components. You will also get installation and management guidelines.

February 10

Philadelphia, PA

February 17

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

February 17

Bloomington, MN

February 24

Chicago, IL

February 24

Dallas, TX

FirePOWER services for suitability as a new or replacement / refresh technology within their

March 23

Boston, MA

environments. You should have a basic understanding of Cisco ASA firewall solutions.

Audience: The ASA with FirePOWER Services Test Drive program is most suitable to technical
decision makers and senior engineers or architects who are currently evaluating Cisco ASA with

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