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VCAP DCA Training

VMware vSphere Optimize and Scale (VCAP5-DCA)
3664_Getting Started with VCAP DCA Training
3665_Advanced Storage Management
3666_Storage Capacity Management
3667_Storage Connectivity and Multipathing
3668_Virtual Network Management and Implementation
3669_Configuring and Using VLANs and PVLANs
3670_Physical Network Connectivity
3671_Managing the vSphere Distributed Switch
3672_Tuning vSphere Performance
3673_Optimizing Virtual Machines
3674_Advanced Distributed Resource Scheduling DRS Configurations
3675_Monitoring vSphere Performance
3676_Managing VMware High Availability
3677_Managing VMware Fault Tolerance
3678_Using Host Profiles
3679_Using Update Manager
3680_Configure and Inspect vSphere Log Files
3681_Monitoring and Troubleshooting Host and VM Performance
3682_Monitoring and Troubleshooting Networking
3683_Monitoring and Troubleshooting Storage
3684_Monitoring and Troubleshooting vCenter Server and vSphere Hosts
3685_Securing Your ESXi Hosts
3686_Automation Using PowerCLI
3687_Using the vSphere Management Assistant vMA
3688_Custom ESXi Installations
3689_Using Auto Deploy for ESXi Deployment
3690_Next Steps