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Running Head: FINAL EXAM

Final Exam
Jocelyn Vazquez
Foundations of Education
Dr. Stock

and most importantly education. The iPads helped us complete certain assignments by using the different apps such as iMovie and Keynote. new inventions. We had a group assignment that allowed us to pick a grade and subject. and examples of things that represented certain shapes. My group decided that we were going to teach kindergartens about shapes. pictures. Lastly we incorporated technology by letting the students play different games on the iPad. We used technology by going on YouTube and finding a cute song that the children to sing along to. are made and rules are changed. We start experiment. The apps provided different questions and would notify you if the answer were right or . and find new discoveries. Our goal was to teach the class by doing different assignments and incorporating the iPads. they were given to us a tool that would be used to help guide us during this course. They were not given as a gift for choosing to take that class or to have something fancy. On our first day of class we were given iPads. healthcare.Running Head: FINAL EXAM 2 As society changes. These results are great because we can learn from them and use them for different fields such as science. The goal of the game was to sort the shapes into the correct spot. Another way we used technology during our learning was during the tutoring sessions. It was a great idea because not only was it catchy but also it was informative. We also did a colorful PowerPoint that had multiple choice questions. In the App Store we were able to buy or download apps that could be used towards learning. I used two different apps that specialized in Algebra. It wasn’t just those two apps that we were able to use. Through the iPad we had accessed too much more through the use of the App Store. things begin to progress. run tests.

This assignment taught us more than just embracing technology but it taught us the importance of being a valuable resource to the parents of a student. By using QR codes it makes things simple because the parents can just use their smartphone to scan and receive the information.” The Khan Academy has done this by providing lessons by using technology. Technology is going to play a huge role in the classrooms of the 21st century. The Khan Academy’s mission statement is to provide “a free world-class education for anyone everywhere.Running Head: FINAL EXAM 3 wrong. police station. We needed at least six QR codes that would provide information for the parents on certain community services such as a library. etc. I think we should all embrace it. it can make learning fun. Most people cannot live without their smartphones or laptops. It also would give you a step-by-step tutorial to show how they got the answer. As long as they are being use correctly. hospital. . The overall meaning of this assignment was that parents sometimes would look to the teachers as a way to find out where everything is due to the fact that we are active members of a community. The fact of the matter is we live in a world where technology is something that we depend on. We were able to use the iPads and different apps to create the brochure and codes. Instead of criticizing it. We need to utilize the tools that we have and incorporate them within their classroom. We created a brochure that was filled with different QR codes. As long as the person has access to the Internet and computer then they are able to get lessons on a number of different subjects.

They need a library. History has to ability to make the students much wiser especially when deciding public decisions.Running Head: FINAL EXAM 4 Teachers of the 21st century classroom need to understand the history of teaching and how certain theories were discovered. For our history projects. and a principal’s office (for situations . Students need a classroom filled with color and pictures. a cafeteria. There needs to be a staff that can help the children with any problems. Not only is it important for teachers to learn history but also so should the students. The best way to do this is by showing them how the society they live was created. a playground. Skinner. History is not so much about the facts but it involves more of trying to relate and think outside of the box and see what life would be like if certain things did not happen. I don’t think it could accommodate the students of today’s society. in America the right to vote is important. I think it’s important for teachers to understand the basis of different theories because they all can be applied to teaching and discipline. He is best known for his methods on operant conditioning and negative reinforcement.F. A few months ago we visited the one room schoolhouse and although it was a cute little place. For example. I decided to do my on B. By teaching students that there was a time where certain people were not able to vote then this will allow to think and understand what life would be like if they could not vote. Students of the 21st century need to be in an environment where it is spacious and has a lot of resources. The subject of history is about teaching students how to be a member in society.

we base our curriculum on the Common Core Standards.) A school should feel like a second home to the students and not like a dungeon. There is a lot that needs to be instilled for the students of the 21st century.Running Head: FINAL EXAM 5 that may require extra discipline. We live in America where our president is black. but that does not mean we should treat them differently. history. During class we had a lot of discussion on diversity and even completed a quiz on the PBS website about diversity. and our country’s nickname is known as “the melting pot. and the simple act of kindness. Our world is changing each and every day. culture. Today. Its important for schools to establish to both the students and the teachers that we need to be culturally sensitive to one another because all around the world there are people who may do things differently than us. The color of our skin or the language we speak does not define who we are as individual. The quiz really showed me how sometimes we tend to think that just because someone looks a certain way we automatically think that they should be categorized under a different race. The topics range from technology. race. and customs.” The issue of racism should be over but that will never happen because of ignorance. however our character does. The fact of the matter is that we need to use what we have to help our students not only become successful educated people but also kind civilians who will work with each other to make this world a better place. tomorrow it could change to something else. slavery and segregation no longer exists. . Students of the 21st century should feel comfortable around students of other nationalities.

Rafe Esquith once said. . “That's the beauty of art--we strive for perfection but never achieve it. Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire. we may never actually get to point of pleasing everyone or society. The journey is everything. but as we are striving for perfection for our students we need to enjoy and embrace the ride and change.Running Head: FINAL EXAM 6 In his book.” Our world is always going to change and that means that sometimes we are going to have change things in order to keep up.