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Cisco Free Online Training

To access Cisco’s online training, you need to meet both requirements:
1 You must have a valid login ID to
a. Simply select Register on
2 You must associate/identify your login ID as an IBM employee by completing the
following steps after you have a login ID

1. Please access the URL:
2. Select “Associate Myself to a Company” from the “Choose a Task” drop box.
3. Please select your Country from drop down and enter your Company Name.
4. Click the Radio Button next to your company's name and click "Next"
5. Click the Radio Button next to your Location you work and Click "Select" if your location is not there
please select your Company HQ. (If your company has multiple locations please make sure you select
the correct location by address.)

6. Review your profile. (Make sure to put dashes in between your ph#) (Make sure you select your
Primary Language)
7. Press “Next”.
8. Answer Questionnaire (Optional) and Press “Submit.” A email will be sent to the Partner
Administrator(s) of your company informing him that you are requesting to associate yourself to the
company. The Partner Administrator has the discretion to Approve or Deny your association request. If
your association request is Approved you will acquire partner level access and access to the different
partner tools within 24 to 48 hrs.
When authorized, go to, and login
Mouse over Training & Events, and click on Partner Education Connection
Cisco Free Online Training

Next click on the Launch PEC button.

Now, search for Cisco training!

These offerings are no charge to IBM admins/architects.