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Get the most out of your fiber infrastructure

The Transmode TS-Series

It’s widely used by large telecom operators and service providers to increase capacity in metro networks. WDM is also well suited for a range of enterprises or smaller ISPs as it offers the opportunity to capitalize on this leading technology in metro network solutions. More and more enterprises. . By innovatively transforming many types of traffic into one wavelength. If the decision is between renting more fiber or better utilizing existing fiber. then Transmode can make that choice easy. We call it the intelligent WDM (iWDM™) concept. mainframes or servers.WDM – Technology that solves your capacity problems WDM is a standardized and well-proven technology. This could mean the expansion of data transport capacity between different company hubs. Transmode has taken an additional step towards increasing the efficiency of WDM technology. iWDM offers powerful and cost-efficient solutions that use existing technology – in a smarter way. Or addressing specific security aspects. we make even better use of the capabilities presented by WDM. public and private institutions are realizing the benefits offered by WDM technology in terms of transporting data from A to B.

different types of chassis and traffic boards are available to accommodate changing needs. Compact solutions require less power . As many of the boards in the TS-Series support multiple traffic types in one unit.Just pay for what you need Transmode’s TS-Series offers a CWDM and DWDM solution with all the functionality needed for the cost-efficient transmission of high-bandwidth traffic. SDH/SONET or Fiber Channel – are cost-efficiently transformed into wavelengths and transmitted through a network. This means a solution that requires less space. And stop worrying about traffic types. and reduces the critical factor of site rental costs. The modularity of the solution and its flexible plug-in units allow a step-by-step growth in both functionality and capacity. called multi-rate boards. Low cost per channel Measuring the cost per channel is the best way to indicate the total cost of operating a transport network. simply deploy the number of boards needed to cover the required amount of traffic. Transmode’s TSSeries is cost efficient in many different aspects. To begin with. Virtually all traffic formats – Gigabit Ethernet. or requirements in functionality expand. Moving from CWDM to the more capable DWDM technology is easy – and made without disrupting the traffic – thanks to the modularity and scalability offered by the pay-as-yougrow architecture. Again. As a network grows. Low power consumption is another important aspect of maintaining low costs. the iWDM concept results in the intelligent use of an existing infrastructure while existing traffic types are easily transported over the WDM technology. it’s a small and compact system with a low initial investment.

where several channels share the same fiber. Consequently. This means that there is no need for “over-sizing” a network. Thanks to Transmode’s superior utilization of fiber capacity. easy to use iWDM allows for automated node provisioning and the automatic detection of protocols. Plug-in slots and robust hardware account for easy component handling and they reduce the risk for costly and timeconsuming damages during installation. And by replacing manual with automated configuration. a channel carries 2 x Gigabit Ethernet and 2 x SDH traffic and is transported over fiber together with several other channels. And it’s not just typical telecom operators that stand to profit. site cooling is drastically reduced. .Transmode has many satisfied customers running CWDM and DWDM networks. Easy to install. This eliminates the need for manual provisioning and reduces the need for expert handling. a fact that avoids unnecessary investments and unnecessarily high power consumption. our various chassis and boards offered enable the perfect match of size and functionality. Transmode’s commitment to Low Power Design is a proof point that our products and solutions have low power consumption today – and tomorrow. We call it the iWDM concept. the solution can be up and running within minutes. In this example. the cost of transporting data is dramatically reduced. than larger ones. It’s large installed base – with more than 7500 deployments – clearly shows that this is the technology to move forward with. Finally.

the TS portfolio involves the following families of traffic boards: Family of Muxponders • 5400 Combining 2 x Gigabit Ethernet signals into one 2. and to do this we use the iWDM concept. Another name for wavelength is channel. filter types and an amplifier. Family of Transponders • 7400 For 1/2/4 Gigabit/s Fiber Channel • 7700 For 2. 80 wavelengths.5 Gigabit/s all traffic types • 7900 For 10 Gigabit/s all traffic types TS-1100 5400 5800 5810 7720 7900 .25 Gigabit line signal • 5800 Combining 4 x Gigabit Ethernet signals into one 4. a wavelength represents one color of light. A technology that multiplexes multiple optical signals on a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths (colors) of a laser light to carry different signals. (Wikipedia) Solution facts: Transmode’s TS-Series is optimized and specially designed for the challenges of metro applications. In a Transmode network a wavelength can transport many different traffic types. each with multiple traffic types. and outputs that into a single line. (Wikipedia) Muxponder: A combination of a Multiplexer and a Transponder. TS-1100 and TS-100. A Multiplexer selects one of many digital input signals.25 Gigabit line signal In addition.Small words that make a big difference: WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexing.5 Gigabit line signal • 5500 Combining 4 x low speed protocols into one 1. Available in two different chassis. (Wikipedia) Wavelength: In the fiber (single or fiber pair). can be carried in the fiber. CWDM: Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing DWDM: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Transponder: An automatic device that receives. the TS-Series comprises a number of pluggable optics (SFPs and XFPs). amplifies and retransmits a signal on a different frequency.5 Gigabit/s all traffic types • 7720 For Dual 2.25 Gigabit line signal • 5810 Combining 2 x Gigabit Ethernet and 2 x STM1/4 signals into one 4.

based on WDM-technology (Wavelength Division Multiplexing). service . we help our customers radically improve their service levels and competitiveness. Together with our global organization and a network of partners. simplify deployment and operations and enable new Ethernet-based services. our customer base consists of more than 200 network operators.Transmode is a leading provider of optical networking solutions for the transport of data. large enterprises and public institutions across Europe. Our solutions.transmode. boost the capacity and flexibility of regional. Today. voice and video traffic. They also cut costs. Asia and the Americas. metro and metro-access networks. www.