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Examination directives for candidates

• • • • • • Try to answer all questions. Each question carries equal marks. Don't mark anything in this booklet. Copying questions in any manner in strictly prohibited. Allowable Maximum Time !" minutes Answer the questions by highlighting the respecti#e circle by pencil

Questions: 72) Incomplete joint penetration can be caused by a) Insufficient root opening b) Excessive travel speed c) Excessive electrode diameter d) All of the above e) A and above 7!) "acro examination #ill reveal the microstructure of the $$$ a) %ase metal b) &eat'affected (one c) )usion (one d) All of the above e) % and above 7*)+he upper limits of preheat and interpass temperatures for ,uenched and tempered steels are specified for #hat reason -s) r a) .eep deposit rate to a minimum b) "aintain the strength in the base metal heat'affected (one c) .elp the #eld metal from becoming too strong d) Avoid crac/ing in the #eldment e) 0etters % and 1 above 72) 3hich of the follo#ing is 45+ important pr essential to good record /eeping6 a) learly and concisely stated facts

b) A good company policy manual c) 3ell organi(ed reports presenting a total picture d) 0ogical se,uence to reporting e) All supporting forms7 reports and data included or referenced 78) In a #elding procedure ,ualification test7 a reduced section tensile test specimen measured 9* inch x 9'9:2 inches before testing and failed at a load of 2*7!72 lbs$ #hat #as the tensile strength in pounds per s,uare inch of the specimen6

uid penetrant inspection is used for detecting$$$ a) 3eld undercut b) Excessive #eld reinforcement c) 3eld discontinuities open to the surface d) =hort fillet #eld leg si(e e) 1epth of #eld penetration Asing the figure number 9 ans#er the follo#ing 7<) +he symbol above re.uires: a) Benetrant testing on the other side of part b) Broof testing on the other side of the part c) Benetrant testing on the arro# side of the part d) Broof testing on the arro# side of the part e) Benetrant and radiographic testing from the other side ?. e) <79*..uid penetrant applied to the surface of a test specimen$$$ a) flo#s into discontinuities upon application of developed$ b) is adsorbed by discontinuities c) is dra#n into a discontinuity by capillary action7 .C) on carbon steel ) is intended to $$$ a) c) hange the microstructure of the #eld Deduce the residual #eld stresses across the #eld$ b) Increase the tensile strength of the #eld d) Increase the impact strength of the #eld$ e) Brovide a method of oven heating for the removal of gas poc/ets trapped in the #eld$ ?9) +he li.) A stress relief heat treatment -approximately 992.. c) 287....uired for submerged arc #elding c) =hade > 8 or ? d) =hade > 9.a) 7!7922 b) 827. 77) 5xyacetylene #elding of 98 gauge steel re.uires absorptive eye protection of a$$$ a) =hade > * or 2 b) +he same absorptive lens as re. 92 e) @ust safely glasses 7?)0i. d) 872. .

uirements called out by the contract spec ?8) A #elder may be re.d) runs into discontinuities by gravity$ e) penetrates the surface by chemical action$ =+A1E +&E 1E=IDE1 3E01 F =E"%50 %E053: Defer )ig 4o : 2 ?2) Identify the correct #elding symbol for the desired #eld$ a) 9 b) 2 c) ! d) * e) 2 ?!) "id steel -A!8) steel is more #eldable than$$$ a) 0o# carbon steel -A2!) b) "edium carbon steel -=AE9*.) c) e) &igh carbon steel -=AE 9.uired to retest because$$$ a) &e or she fails their initial #elding test b) In case there is a change in an essential variable c) &is or her ability to deposit sound #eld metal is .uestioned d) All of the above e) % and ?7) A above 3IGs records may be used$$$ a) to help recall and verify past decisions .uires an electrode holder b) De.<2) % and d) All of the above ?*) Air carbon arc cutting a) De.ualified in accordance #ith the contract spec b) If the #elder is .ualified for the process and position c) e) If the joint designs and joint preparations meet the re.uirements of the #elding procedure All of the above d) +he inspection re.uire an air supply c) "ay be done manually or mechanically d) All of the above e) A and % above ?2) Brior to #elding7 a 3I should chec/$$$ a) If the #elding procedure is .

noop c) e) Iic/ers All of the above d) %rinell <2) +he #eld face refers to the$$$ a) =urface of a cross section of the #eld b) Appearance of the heat'affected (one c) 5riginal groove face d) Exposed surface of the #eld on the side from #hich #elding #as done .uired e.uipment ?<) 1uring electroslag #elding7 crac/s may be avoided by maintaining$$$ a) Broper electrode feed rate b) Broper current c) Broper spacing bet#een electrodes or guide tubes d) All of the above e) A and above <.b) used to verify the payment of #or/ invoices c) to verify man'hour records for the shop d) for pac/ing slips for shipping e) all of the above ??)$ +he factor #hich is most important to the reliability of a test is$$$ a) Ease of conducting test b) ost of re.) "agnetic particle inspection is most suitable for the detection of$$$ a) =urface crac/s perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force b) =hort fillet throat dimensions of fillet #elds c) e) 0amination in plate that are less than H inch belo# the surface +he residual magnetism of a #eldment d) Excessive #eld reinforcement in butt joints done #ith ="A3 <9) &ardness test method -s) for metals include -s)$$$ a) Doc/#ell b) .uipment c) Deproducibility of test conditions d) =peed of testing e) Bortability of e.

ualification records are sho#n in the A3= and A="E code boo/s$ the above statement is$$$ a) +rue b) )alse c) +rue only for city government o#ned 3eldments d) 4ot to be verified by a 3I e) +rue7 except for approved computer generated records /eeping systems <8) 3hat should be /no#n for proper interpretation of li.e) Exposed surface of the #eld on the side opposite from #hich #elding sas done <!)A #elding inspector must be ethical primarily in order to$$$ a) Insure that the employer receives fair value for inspection fees b) Dender impartial decisions c) Deject every #eld the first time of inspection d) =afeguard the publicGs health and #ell'being e) % and 1 above <*) A #elder performing ="A3 #ith too high travel speed can$$$ a) 1ecrease penetration b) c) ause undercutting at the edges of the #eld ause difficulty in slag removal d) All of the above e) A and % above7 <2) +he only forms may be used for #elding .uires no vehicle or solvent .ue used in applying and removing the penetrant c) "ethod used to clean part prior to inspections d) All of the above e) 4one of the above <7)3hich of the follo#ing is an advantage of fluorescent penetrants over visible dye penetrants6 a) +he inspection can be carried out in a #ell'lighted area b) =mall indications are more easily seen c) It can be used #here contact #ith #ater is objectionable d) It is less sensitive to contamination of discontinuities e) +he dye re.uid penetrant indications6 a) Brevious manufacturing processes performed on the part b) +echni.

ualified by their employers providing they have$$$ a) Bassed a prescribed set of tests b) %een employed for a minimum of six months c) Qualified by at least one previous employer d) A and % above e) A and % above 9.2 d) All of the above e) 0etters A and % above <<) Deverse polarity is a nonstandard term for$$$ a) 1irect current electrode negative b) 1irect current electrode positive c) 1irect current straight polarity d) 1irect current reverse polarity e) 4one of the above 9.ual if the fla#s are fine nonmetallic strings d) nearly e.) Ander most code rules7 #elders may be .ual c) nearly e.ual #idths e) greater if the fla#s are located near the #eldGs axis and A current is used 9.2) In comparison to surface crac/s7 the sensitivity of magnetic particle inspection to fla#sH' inch or more belo# the surface of a thic/$ a) generally much less b) approximately e.9)1estructive tests of #elds are designed to$$$ a) 1etermine the mechanical properties -i$e$ tensile strength7 ductility toughness) b) 1etermine the "odulus of Elasticity of a #eld metal c) alculate the percent of reduction in area for an all'#eld'metal specimen d) 1etermine the soundness of #eld metal e) All of the above 9.ual if the internal and external fla#s have e.!) +he #elding inspector should evaluate critical joint fit'ups before #elding begins$ 3hich of the follo#ing in 45+ an essential part of the evaluation6 a) +ac/ #elds b) Doot opening c) Bost heat temperature .<?) =hielding gases used for J"A3 include$$$ a) Argon b) &elium c) ..

2) 3hich of the follo#ing defects does 45+ occur #hen a #eld is made by the J+A3 Brocess6 a) Borosity b) =lag inclusions c) rac/s d) Incomplete fusion e) 5verlap =+A1E +&E =E"%50 %E053 : Defer )ig 4o: ! 9.ualification of a a) specify #elding procedures b) compute allo#able stresses c) perform radiographic examinations d) conduct test for analysis of base material composition e) none of the above $ 9.8) 3hat is indicated by the #elding symbol sho#n above6 a) t#o H'inch fillet #elds on *'inch centers b) four 2'inch fillet #elds *'inches long at 9:?'inch spacing c) Intermittent 9:? 'inch fillet #elds 2'inches long on *'inch centers d) intermitten 9:? inch fillet #elds *'inches long on 2'inch centers e) none of the above$ 3I covers the responsibility to$$$ $ $$ 9.<) yield strength may be determined by .7) +he .d) Edge preparation e) 1imensions and alignment 9.?) 3hen other #elding variables are held constant7 increasing the #elding current 1uring ) A3 #ill a) Increase electrode deposition rate b) Increase penetration c) Broduce concave #eld beads #ith poor appearance d) All of the above e) A and % above 9.*) +orch bra(ing is accomplished by the use of a) a neutral oxyfuel gas flame b) a slightly reducing oxyfuel gas flame c) an air'fuel gas flame d) all of the above e) A and above 9.

a) tension tests b) charpy tests c) hardness tests d) none of the above e) A or above 99.) 3hich of the follo#ing is:are used to perform "+6 a) colored ferro'magnetic oxide po#ders b) A and 1 articulated leg yo/es c) 1 coils d) all of the above e) only A and above =+A1E +&E =E"%50 %E053: Defer )ig 4o * in the last page 999) +he above 4on destructive testing symbol refers to #hich of the follo#ing6 a) visual test and penetrant test made on both sides of part b) visual test made on other side of part and penetrant test made on arro# side c) visual test made in arro# side of part and penetrant test made on other side of part d) visual test made on bac/ of part and penetrant test made on front of p e) none of the above 992) Any records that re.uired for #elding b) Improves penetration c) e) Aids fusion A and % above d) All of the above 99*) 1irect current electrode positive means the #or/ piece is connected to$$$ a) KreversibleK -alternating) current .uire the fabricatorGs signature should be prepared by a) the inspector b) the fabricator c) both the shop foreman and the inspector d) the QA "anager e) an engine 99!) Breheat is sometimes used for shielded metal arc #elding of materials #hich have Iery high thermal conductivity$ Breheat7 in this case$ a) Deduces the amperage re.

uid penetrant testing6 a) an oily surface b) a #et surface c) a rough #eld .uality during Arc =tud 3elding it is necessary to$$$ a) have sufficient #elding po#er b) use 1 c) Electrode 4egative -straight polarity) for aluminum ma/e test #elds before starting $ $$ d) A and % above e) A and 997)+he charpy I'4otch impact test is$$$ a) b) c) d) e) the most common fracture toughness test often used in specifying minimum acceptance criteria for base metal often used for #elding procedure .uence of #eld passes b) Inter pass cleaning c) Broper pre 7eat d) All of the above e) A and % above 99<) 3hich of the follo#ing could interfere #ith li.b) the positive terminal c) the negative terminal d) all of the above e) none of the above 992)A traveller7 or production plan7 re.ualification all of the above A and above 99?) 3hat aspects of fabrication can be chec/ed through visual inspection during 3elding6 a) =e.uires A+ examination of the laying surface of a #eld @oint$ +he'raying surface is described as$$$ $ $$ a) +he surface of the joint #hich #ill be ground upon completion of #elding b) +he face'side of a #eldment$ c) +he surface of a #eldment #hich #ill come in contact #ith any other surface d) % or e) above +he mating surface of a member that is in contact #ith or in close proximity to another member to #hich it is to be joined 998) +o maintain #eld .

ualification b) ontrol of #elding materials c) 3elder .uired to verify the follo#ing records are "aintained$$$ a) 3elding procedure .ue on light gage metal e) Deplaced #ith ELL9! electrodes on vertical #or/ 92!)Juided bend specimens may be a) longitudinal or transverse to the #eld axis b) c) d) e) bend in tensile test machines bend in #rap'around bend test jigs all of the above A and above .d) all of the above e) only A and % above 92.) +he distance bet#een the tip of the #elding electrode and the #eld =urface is called$$$ a) Arc force b) Arc length c) e) Arc blo# Arc chamber d) Arc stri/e 929)+he certified #elding inspector may be re.ualification d) All of the above e) A and above 922)5ptimum results are more li/ely #hen ELL98 and ELL9? lo#'hydrogen electrodes $$$$ a) used #ith a long arc on do#nhill #elding and a short arc on uphill #elding b) stored in refrigerator #hen the container has been opened c) stored in a holding oven at proper temperature d) Ased #ith a K#hippingK techni.

ue$ +he helps$$$$$$$$$$ a) b) c) d) =peed the metal transfer across the arc "aintain good shielding of the molten #eld pool In #elding thin sheet metal Doot pass K#hipping burn through 3I /eep accurate and up'to'date records and reports6 e) +he J"A3 process #eld as sheet metal 928) 3hy should the a) b) c) d) e) to /eep the superintendent informed to impress the chief inspector so that he can #rite better procedures to satisfy government agencies to assure compliance #ith standards and specifications 927) If a #elding inspector feels he or she is not .9? electrodes be used #ith a Kshort arcK 3elding techni.ualified 3ait to ma/e judgment until he or she has had time to get additional +raining d) =top all #or/ until procedures are developed #ithin the inspectorG Qualification e) Allo# #or/ to continue because further #elder experience #ill improve 92?) Altrasonic #aves can be coupled to the test object effectively $$$ a) through a film of oil b) through a film of air c) through a layer of #ater d) through a layer of grease e) A7 and 1 above 92<) 3hen the #eld structure is to be examined at magnifications over 95x7 are used$ a) "acro'specimens b) micro'specimens .92*) %ra(ed joints scan be inspected by #hich of the follo#ing testing methods a) b) c) d) e) ultrasonic lea/ torsion any of the above A and % above 922) "anufactures recommend that E 7.ualified to ma/e judgment as to +he acceptability off a #eldment7 he or she should a) 1o the best he or she can and report accordingly b) c) all for assistance from someone #ho is .

ualifies him:her because the supervisor /no#s the #elderGs ability c) +he #elder has #elded #ith J"A3 process in the past7 .uently #elded b) a surfacing variation to achieve re.ualifying him:her for production #elding #ith J"A3 d) +he #elder is .ualified for J"A3 short circuiting t transfer because ) A3 is more difficult to process 9!!) An inspector may chec/ #hich of the follo#ing during #elding6 a) b) c) d) e) preheat and interpass temperature re.ualified for specific operations all of the above A and % above 9!*) Jas "etal Arc 3elding.)Blasma Arc utting -Bac) is7better suited than 5xyfule Jas utting -5) ) for utting$$$ a) )errous sheet metal b) 4onferrous 7 metals-i$e$ aluminum copper7 brass7 etc) c) e) Any metals #ith a thic/ness over2'inches A7 % and 1 above d) =tainless steel sheet and plate 9!9)3hat is meant by K buttering a groove face6 a) a form of surfacing in #hich one or more layers of #eld metal is -are) deposited on the surface m-s) of the joint-s) to be subse.ualified to #eld the procedure parts e) If the #elder is .c) +ensile specimens d) e) harpy specimens hemical tests 9!.uirements and measuring methods filler metal control and handling use of #elders .ualified #ith ) A37 he:she is .ualified only for ) A3 regarding production 3elding using the J"A3 3B=6 a) +he #elder has been chec/ed out on the J"A3 e.J"A3 ) is suitable for #hat metals6 a) carbon steel .uipment7 allo#ing him:her to #eld J"A3 for production b) +he #elderGs supervisor assigned him to the job7 #hich .ualified to #eld ) A3 only and is not .ualified for production 3elding #ith the J"A3 -short circuiting transfer process 7 3hich condition -s)%elo# is correct for a #elder .uired dimensions c) a surfacing variation to achieve metallurgical characteristics such as corrosion resistance d) the condition #hich results iii metal melt'thru e) none of the above 9!2) A #elding procedure specification -3B=) has been .

uested to by the #elding foreman d) 5nce each job e) Approximately every 8 months 9!?) A #elding inspection should $$$ $ a) ma/e sure records meet specified re.) the container is ready to be opened b) at !2. ) until the container is ready to be Gopened c) in open cans located around the job site ready for use 9*.b) c) d) e) stainless steel aluminum all of the above A and % above 9!2) )or ="A37 #hich of the follo#ing re.uire -s) higher preheat temperature6 a) high carbon steels b) lo# hydrogen electrodes c) high strength lo# allo7 steels d) all of the above e) A and above 9!8) A #elding performance .uid penetrant #ill enter crac/s7 fissures7 and other small opening6 .ualification test serves to$$$ a) determine a #elderGs reliability b) determine the mechanical properties of a #eidment c) provide statistical input for the purpose of estimating the ratio of accepted :rejected #elds d) determine the #elders ability to deposit or produce sound #eld metal e) A and above 9!7) At #hich of the follo#ing times should the 3I Inspect to assurance compliance #ith the #elding procedure6 a) 5nly during the .) 3hich one of the follo#ing conditions #ill afrLthe rate and extent a li.ualification activity b) Brior to7 during and after production #elding c) 3hen re.uirements b) ma/e sure records are available #hen needed c) ma/e sure records are in as much detail asMnecessary d) all of the above 9!<) 0o# hydrogen should be stored$$$ a) at !2.

a) b) c) d) e) the hardness of the specimen being tested the surface condition of the specimen being tested the color of the penetrant the conductivity of the specimen being tested the magnetic field residual in the specimen 9*9)A proper travel speed is essential to good #elding performance$ 3hich of the follo#ing factors influence -s) travel speed a) =urface condition of the base metal b) joint fit'up c) e) #elding current A and % above d) All of the above 9*2) In film radiography7 IQIGs -pentameters) in most instances are placed to sho# the .uality of the radiograph for the least favourable geometry$ 3hich of the follo#ing ans#ers #ould be correct for the placement of the IQl for least favourable geometry6 a) b) c) d) e) bet#een the intensifying screen and the film on the source side of the test object on the film side of the test object bet#een the operator and the radiation source at the #indo# of the L'ray tube 9*!)+he hardness of a ferrous material$$$ a) b) c) d) e) is the ability to #ithstand a sudden b lo# is the ability to #ithstand indentation cannot be estimated by a bend test has no useful purpose to the inspector can be measured by the I(od test 9**) 1uring examination of a production #eldment7 the inpector noted that discontinuity indications found b$y the method #ere not found by the B+ method$ 3hat does that indicates6 a) there are no fla#s b) theGdiscontinuities are all on the surface c) the discontinuity si(es are too small for B+ sensitivity d) the discontinuities are not exposed to the surface e) 4one of the above .

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