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Cahpter 1: What are two motivations for measuring network performance? (Choose two.

) capacity planning X controlling traffic flow diagnosing performance problems X increasing network security monitoring user activity troubleshooting logging activity

The IT department of a company receives reports that one of their main business applications is performing slowly. They contact the software vendor and are told a patch is available for this slowness issue. What acti should the IT department take? Apply the patch immediately. Apply the patch during the scheduled maintenance window. X Wait until all employees leave work and then apply the patch. Check the application log and make sure no one is using the application, and then apply the patch.

Which two network maintenance tasks should be performed as part of a network maintenance plan? (Choose two.) network monitoring X IP address administration service-level agreement compliance command line device management accommodating adds, moves, and changes X Which two network procedures should all network maintenance plans include? (Choose two). replacing failed devices X determining business hours accommodating adds, moves, and changes X establishing a list of non-essential applications responding to all external queries

What are two benefits of scheduling maintenance as part of the network maintenance planning effort? (Choo two.) reduced network downtime X more promotion of the use of a common calendar less need for network monitoring predictable lead time for change requests X immediate solutions to noncritical issues easier for budget planning purposes

NTP servers at stratum 1 are directly connected to an authoritative time source. X NTP servers control the mean time between failures (MTBF) for key network devices. Which service should be enabled on the server to meet the requirement? FTP SCP X HTTP TFTP Which two statements are true about NTP servers in an enterprise network? (Choose two.) There can only be one NTP server on an enterprise network. it is important that these files are encrypted during transmission. F security reasons.What are two benefits to a scheduled maintenance? (Choose two.) reduces network downtime X allows failed devices to be corrected immediately allows the engineers to make the corrections during peak utilization times ensures software patches and backups are completed X Which downtime prevention or reduction aspect of network design and management does a disaster recovery plan address? eliminating a single point of failure keeping a copy of backup tapes in an offsite office X building a central server facility that uses fire resistant material adding multiple fiber optic cables between core switches and routers What must be considered when creating configuration backups to be used during disaster recovery? a clear versioning and naming system X service contract information exact hardware serial numbers location of single points of failure An administrator has a written procedure of the steps to follow if a device fails. Which Cisco web-based resource provides a complete bill-of-materials based on selected hardware and softw configurations? Cisco Power Calculator Cisco Feature Navigator . X NTP servers ensure an accurate time stamp on logging and debugging information. Which two items should the administrator have in order to reduce the amount of downtime the failed device could cause? (Choose two.) existing IOS X SNMP logs Cisco Feature Navigator copy of current configuration X A network administrator needs to configure a server to store all network device backup configuration files. All NTP servers synchronize directly to a stratum 1 time source.

X The logging buffer is too small to store debugging information and must be increased. Th details of the issue are documented and assigned a priority. and packet loss X number of error messages that are logged on the syslog server Refer to the exhibit. The logging trap 7 global configuration command still needs to be issued. The logging console debugging global configuration command still needs to be issued.) a wiki X an issue tracking system X SNMP Object Navigator Cisco Feature Navigator Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool A network technician receives a report from a user about a connectivity issue to a branch office resource. . jitter. Another team member reviews the issue and researches how similar issues were resolved in the past.Embedded Event Manager Dynamic Configuration Tool X CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials What are two ways to simplify access to network maintenance documentation? (Choose two. Based on the information presented. why would a syslog server not receive debugging information? Debugging information cannot be sent to a syslog server. The logging monitor debugging global configuration command still needs to be issued. The issue is escalated to another team for resolution What type of maintenance tool matches the process described? Management Information Base (MIB) Dynamic Configuration Tool issue tracking system X syslog server logging system What is a purpose of continuously monitoring the network performance of an ISP? to reduce network downtime to determine whether SLAs are met X to schedule maintenance processes at non-peak times to make sure charges to clients are correct according to data flow Which network performance statistics should be measured in order to verify SLA compliance? NAT translation statistics device CPU and memory utilization packet round-trip time (RTT).

1/R1-test.1.1/R1-test.cfg R1# copy startup-config ftp://RED:san-fran@10. The current running configuration file will be archived every 10080 minutes in the local flash memory.15.1/R1-test.1.1.15. A network administrator is configuring the router R1.Successful disaster recovery is dependent on the existence of which two items? (Choose two.1/R1-test. What would be the outcome of the displayed configuration? The current running configuration file will be archived every 10080 minutes in the NVRAM.15.cfg R1# copy startup-config http://10.15.1. . The current running configuration file will be archived every 10080 minutes on the syslog server.1.1. The current running configuration file will be archived every 10080 minutes in the local flash memory and on the syslog server. Which option will provide the most secure way to transfer th file? R1# copy startup-config ftp://10.cfg R1# copy startup-config https://10. X The current running configuration file will be archived any time the running configuration is copied to NVRAM.) network management personnel on-site 24/7 up-to-date server patches software provisioning tools X up-to-date hardware inventory X well-defined trust boundaries Refer to the exhibit.cfg X Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is tasked with creating a backup of the startup configuration fo router R1 to a server with IP address 10.15.