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Frequently Asked Questions: CCNP Version 6.

Last updated October 14, 2009

Q. How is the new Cisco CCNP® curriculum structured? A. The new CCNP v6.0 curriculum has three courses that fully align with the three new CCNP certification exams:
CCNP Route, CCNP Switch, and CCNP Troubleshoot. The courses are semester long, 70-hour courses. Course components include hands-on lab activities, case studies, chapter exams, a final exam, and a skills based exam. Unlike other Cisco Networking Academy® courses, the CCNP courses will not have the traditional GUI-based curriculum. It is replaced by a Cisco® Press textbook.

Q. Why is the online curriculum being replaced by a book? A. Networking Academy wanted the CCNP curriculum update to coincide with the release of the new certification
exams to help ensure that the curriculum is relevant to the needs of students and academies. To optimize development time and resources, we decided to replace the resource- and time-intensive development of online course content with textbooks. This decision allowed us to focus on the development of other course components that are highly valued by the CCNP community.

Q. How will Networking Academy guarantee the alignment of the textbooks with other course

A. All course components, including the books, are part of an instructional design that guarantees their
consistency and alignment. We are working in close collaboration with Cisco Press to help ensure that the study guides traditionally published by Cisco Press align with the Networking Academy CCNP courses.

Q. Will the books be available in electronic forms A. Yes, Cisco Press will make all books available in electronic format. Q. What are the prerequisites for the new CCNP 6.0 couses? A. Please refer to the following table. Please note that although no prerequisites are indicated for CCNP Switch,
Course Switch Route Troubleshoot Prerequisites None None Recommended: Switch or BCMSN BCMSN and either BSCI or Route -or- Switch and either BSCI or Route

all CCNP courses presume knowledge at the Cisco CCNA® routing and switching level.

Q. What type of instructor training will be required to teach the new CCNP 6.0 curriculum? A. The following table summarizes the training requirements for CCNP. All instructors will need to complete
instructor training to teach CCNP Troubleshoot, regardless of their current training status. Instructors who are currently certified to teach both CCNP: BSCI and CCNP: BCMSN will not require any additional training to teach the CCNP Route and CCNP Switch courses.

© 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Confidential Information.

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BSCI + BCMSN + ISCW + ONT COMP + ISCW + ONT BSCI + SWITCH + ISCW + ONT ROUTE + BCMSN + ISCW + ONT ROUTE + SWITCH + ISCW + ONT BSCI + BCMSN + TSHOOT COMP + TSHOOT BSCI + SWITCH + TSHOOT ROUTE + BCMSN + TSHOOT ROUTE + SWITCH + TSHOOT Last day is December 31. Networking Academy exam candidates can mix and match CCNP exam requirements as shown in the following table. A list of options will be published when available. all academies are encouraged to migrate to CCNP 6. Until when will students be able to take the current CCNP certification exams? A. Page 2 of 3 . 2010. 2010 and to Networking Academy students using a special voucher through December 31.0 as soon as possible to take advantage of the new curriculum. and June 2011 for BSCI and BCMSN. However. 2010 Last day is December 31. 2010. Inc. To facilitate a smooth transition. The end of availability dates are March 2011 for ISCW and OCN.Instructor Training Status Training Required? Route Switch No No No Yes Yes Troubleshoot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes All CCNP BCMSN and BSCI BCMSN only BSCI only None of the above No No Yes No Yes Q. BSCI and BCMSN will continue to be accepted as satisfying CCNP certification requirements. Who will offer instructor training? A. the CCNP 5. After December 31. Instructor training will be offered by CCNP CATCs and regional academies (where applicable). Q. Will instructor training be offered remotely? A. When will be the current CCNP 5. This document is Cisco Confidential Information. CATCs and regional academies are strongly encouraged to offer Blended Distance Learning options for CCNP instructor training. 2010 Last day is December 31. Please check with your support academy for the availability of instructor training classes. 2010 © 2009 Cisco Systems. Q. 2010 Last day is December 31. All rights reserved. The four existing CCNP certification exams will be available to the general public through June 30.0 curriculum will be available for one year after the release of the new courses. 2010 Last day is December 31. Q. all candidates for CCNP will need to pass the Troubleshoot (TSHOOT) certification exam.0 courses be retired? A.

All lab activities are being designed to be remote enabled using NDG’s NETLAB. Academies should be able to use most of their current equipment. Inc. no replacement 642-845 ONT. and Networking Academy are registered trademarks or trademarks of Cisco Systems. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. What equipment bundles will be required to teach the new CCNP curriculum A. This document is Cisco Confidential Information. Inc. CCNA. no replacement 642-892 Composite. Will NETLAB support the new CCNP lab activities A. replaced by 642-902 ROUTE 642-812 BCMSN. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. the Cisco logo. new exams appear in bold type: • • • • • • 642-901 BSCI. (0904R) © 2009 Cisco Systems. The exams are listed below. Page 3 of 3 . Q.Q. All rights reserved. © 2009 Cisco Systems. What are the numbers and acronyms of the existing and the new CCNP certification exams? A. replaced by 642-813 SWITCH 642-832 TSHOOT 642-825 ISCW. All rights reserved. no replacement Q. Yes. Cisco Systems. Inc. Lab equipment topologies will be published after they are finalized by the development team. Cisco. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.