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Akshaya Kalpa

Integrated Organic Dairy Venture Team: GNS Reddy, Dr T Prasanna, P Shashikumar
As part of this venture, we are taking up the challenge of rural entrepreneurship in agricultural food processing sector, with aim of value addition and generating gainful employment in rural areas and creating wealth at source of agriculture production. Communes for single women under distress from rural areas will be setup up, to enable them to earn their livelihood with dignity. The first commune will be located at Tiptur, Tumkur district of Karnataka. There will be 50 women in the commune who will be provided with food, accommodation and opportunities for gainful employment. Enterprises will be set up based on the local raw materials and market intelligence. They will earn wages for their work input and also will be provided with a share in the profit (as sweat equity). As a first step it is planned to take up organic milk and milk products production as an economic enterprise to support landless and provide gainful income generation opportunities to young farmers. This will be the first organized effort for organic milk and milk products production of substantial scale in the country. We have registered a Private Limited Company – Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods to give definitive shape to this initiative. Venture consists of one central farm and processing unit and 300 satellite farms within 15km from the central processing unit. Satellite farms will serve as captive production units for milk production. Satellite units will be run by the village youth in their own villages and supply raw material to the commune for processing and value addition under an agreement. Each satellite unit will have 25 cows. They will follow organic milk production protocols under supervision and guidance of the technical teams. No milk from the open market will be procured to maintain the standards. All the farms will be optimally mechanized to reduce drudgery and increase operational efficiency. This set up constitutes one dairy cluster and will handle 50000 liters of milk per day. Later more such dairy clusters will be added into this initiative. Central processing unit and farm will be handled by the women’s commune. The central unit will have facilities to process milk into various milk products such as ice cream, cheese, pedha, pannier, ghee, butter, curds and flavored milk. There will be a central herd of 500 elite cows to produce elite heifers to distribute to satellite units and elite bulls for breeding purpose across the country. There is a very high demand for breeding bulls in the country. The central processing plant and farm will need an investment of Rs 14 crore Satellite farms will be run by village youth and will borrow approx Rs 14 Lakh directly from Bank(s) with their own collateral and security. This will require bank finance to the tune of Rs. 45 crore. We are also in discussions with other social investment institutions to foot in the margin money requirements for the farmers. Akshayakalpa will provide end to end solutions to these satellite units to produce certified organic milk to meet the international standards. The best technology will be adopted to maintain the production at optimum and economic level. All the farms will be centrally and continuously monitored through the computerized tracking systems to ensure every cow in the project receives due care and comfort. Dr GNS Reddy has 31 years of experience in designing and implementation of rural development projects. Being a veterinarian, livestock related intervention strategies form the core competency. Dr T Prasanna is a Dairy technology expert with 28 years of working experience with Major Dairies. Specialised in milk products. P Shashi Kumar is a software engineer with deep interest in IT interface in agriculture and a practicing organic farmer.