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06: Yes, I Can Do Business in the Internet

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The current global trend is that all organizations must be present in the virtual world. This seems an absolute truth, it is not so, or at least it is not to the extent and in the manner in which this new global reality faces. This work focuses on how to design the virtual organization, especially the business model, which is crucial for success in this competitive environment.
The business model should be developed by who knows more the Organization, usually the creator or highest authority. It is not a technical issue, as many believe; the technical part is the easiest and Technology develops and changes frequently, while business decisions should be long-term. After developing each of the components of the business model, the work includes an Enterprise Virtual Plan or Internet Plan, which is a checklist of all the activities that need to be developed to ensure that creating the virtual entity has been correct. Success will depend on the professional work of its members.

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